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Calcium Could Harden Your Arteries as Well as You’re Bones


New research into the popular supplements that many of us take, have now focused on the compound know as calcium. Calcium supplements are more commonly taken in tablet form by millions of people who are concerned about loss of bone density and specifically to help combat osteoporosis. This degenerative disease is also called the silent […]

Google Web Services Again Strangled at Chinese Border

Chinese Internet censorship

It appears that the controversy between search engine giant Google Inc. and the Chinese government may still be continuing, with many online services provided by Google Inc. to mainland China being severed. It is still unclear whether this is merely a service disruption due to technical difficulties or a renewed effort by the Chinese Government […]

Is The New Facebook Hack of 100 Million Users Really a Big Deal?

Hackers and Facebook

Whenever any of the major online sites get hacked it makes news headlines. But when the site hacked is Facebook, one of the biggest social media sites in the world with over 500 million users, people really do stop and take notice. Many users who take part in the webs social media sites fail to […]

Social Interaction and its Effects on Health Makes Headlines Again

New study on Interacting socially for better health

Social interaction and how you relate to others, in particular at what level you mix with other individuals in our society has hit the spotlight again. Social activities and the lack of them have long been blamed for a shortened life span, especially among the recluse in our society. Yet another health study has come […]

The View Goes Presidential with Barack Obama

The View features Obama

Well known for his unorthodox utilization of futuristic and unconventional advertising mediums, which were also touted as a key strategy leading up to his Presidential election win. President Barack Obama has done it a gain with another first for U.S. television and also for the American public. Once more leading the way in what is […]

Social Profit Formula Has Now Gone Live

make money

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 25, 2010 – Don Crowther’s Social Media Marketing Course has finally gone live. The Social Profit Formula course by Don Crowther has finally gone live and initial sales are reported to have reached the six figure mark after two days. Click Here for the latest video from Social Profit Formula […]

300 Injured and 18 Dead in German Love Parade

Dance Festival Germany

Close to 1.4 million people attended the German organized Love Parade concert to dance to some of the biggest names in the DJ world. The event which took place at Duisburg, near Duesseldorf was first started in 1989 as a political demonstration for peace and understanding through music and dance. Since its inception it has […]

Microsoft is Still the King Kong of Revenue Turnover

Microsoft Office 2010

Many financial analysts who predicted that Apple Inc. would lead the way in corporate Hi-Tec revenue turnover in the fiscal fourth quarter, have now been proven wrong. Microsoft has once again prominently debut in first place for highest revenue turnover among the world’s giant Hi-Tec companies. Not only did Microsoft post record revenue for the […]

Hi-Tech Treatments for U.S. Pets Come at a Price

vets and pets

The advancement of medicine, especially in the field of Hi-Tech procedures is currently more sophisticated and widely practised than it has ever been at any point in history. Thanks to the continuing growth and discoveries in gene therapy and nanotechnology, patients are now receiving care in ways that were only dreamed about a decade ago. […]

iPad Downloads Growing in Both Quality and Quantity

Downloading ipad apps

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 21, 2010 – myPadMedia Announce a huge range of iPad downloads served directly to your Ipad. The Apple Ipad has taken the world by storm since its recent release. Apple Inc. first bragged about selling 1 million iPads in just 28 days and last month sales topped the 3 million […]

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