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Reel Life to Real Life – Podcast Helps Listeners Control Emotional Eating

Reel Life to Real Life – Podcast Helps Listeners Control Emotional Eating B

Los Angeles, California, – ( June 25, 2013 Win The Diet War, a free podcast available for subscription in iTunes under the Health/Self Help category, has released a new episode to help listeners jump off the diet rollercoaster. Host Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D., brings a fresh and innovative perspective to her podcasts, which are designed […]

AutoTooth is Set to Change the View on Home Automation

autotooth_is_set_to_change_the_view_on_home_automation B

Sao Paulo, Brazil – ( June 25, 2013 Rapiz Informatica, a rising Brazilian IT company announces the debut of the AutoTooth home automation product. Running on Bluetooth Technology the Autotooth Smart Plug is a simple Automation device that fits between the device plug and the wall power socket. It allows the user to control it […]

Denver Auto Insurance, Colorado Drivers Could Reduce Their Premiums

denver_auto_insurance_colorado_drivers_could_reduce_their_premiums B

Denver residents are largely unaware they could be paying less for their car insurance, according to, a website that offers free rate comparisons. ( June 25, 2013 reports that many locals unknowingly overpay on their Denver car insurance. Dan Wright, site owner, feels there are three primary reasons at play: 1. Maintaining the […]

Improved Justice System For All On Australian Agenda

Improved Justice System For All On Australian Agenda B

( June 20, 2013 In an announcement made today as part of the Gillard Governments commitment of an additional $118 million in the 2013-14 Budget towards a fairer and more improved access to the Australian Justice System. The Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC and Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury, the Productivity Commission will study how to better […]

Trivandrum Land Values Soar as Government Confirms Vizhinjam Port

trivandrum_land_values_soar_as_government_confirms_vizhinjam_port B

( June 20, 2013 Trivandrum is best known as the sleepy capital of one of India’s smallest states, Kerala. This may very well become a thing of the past if the announcement by the Minister for Ports is anything to go by. The announcement which was widely publicized by local newspapers declares that construction on […]

Bandana Fever Recreates Rapper Tyga’s Bandana Shirt

bandana_fever_recreates_rapper_tygas_bandana_shirt B

( June 19, 2013 Leading design house Bandana Fever, has stepped out of the box and manufactured a paisley styled shirt made famous by local Los Angeles rapper Tyga. The new clothing design has been a great success and is creating major buzz. The fashion company has only recently started experimenting with more aggressive designs […]

Why You Should Take Advantage of the Brown Box Formula

why_you_should_take_advantage_of_the_brown_box_formula B

( June 12, 2013 You might not know this, but people love to buy only when you have what they really want. You need to stop chasing your tail and make the most out of Brown Box Formula, a business that literally helps you make thousands of dollars online on a monthly basis. Moreover, it […]

Weight Loss Podcast Now Available on Stitcher Radio

Weight Loss Podcast Now Available on Stitcher Radio B

Los Angeles, California, – ( June 11, 2013 Win The Diet War, a free podcast designed to help listeners make peace with food is now available on Stitcher Radio. The informative series is geared towards men and women who seek to gain control of their emotional eating and lose weight without dieting. Podcast host Dr. […]

Is Gold Rush 2013 For Real? Does it Really Teach You How to Find Gold for the 2003 Price?

Is_gold_rush_2013_for_real_does_it_really_teach_you_how_to_find_gold_for_the_2003_price B

( June 10, 2013 Gold Rush 2013 has been launched to the general public and this exclusive training course will show investors and regular people how to profit from the buying and selling of gold. The course was “developed by successful real estate marketer Preston Ely, and full-time gold and silver trader Matt Wallace, who […]

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