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How the Jump Manual Works to Help With Vertical Leaps

how_the_jump_manual_works_to_help_with_vertical_leaps B

( July 25, 2013 Jacob Hiller has popularized a high quality vertical leap training program that continues to cause huge buzz in athletic circles, says organizers of the site The site further promotes the popular manual that summarizes the plyometric techniques summarized by Hiller’s system, including offering to sell copies of the book along […]

1.4 Million Eligible Australians Missing From Electoral Roll

1.4 Million Eligible Australians Missing From Electoral Roll B

( July 21, 2013 The Australian Electoral Commission takes a more pro-active approach in finding 1.4 million eligible Australians missing from the electoral roll. The AEC is now going directly to sports fans at stadiums in every Australian capital city over the next two weekends as part of a nationwide effort to help find the […]

$300 Million Government Fund Announced for Early Childhood Educators

$300 Million Govt Fund Announced for Early Childhood Educators B

( July 21, 2013 In a recent announcement by Early Childhood and Child Care Minister Kate Ellis. Early childhood educators across Australia will presently commence receiving improved wages through a $300 million Federal Government fund. Early Childhood and Child Care Minister Kate Ellis today declared how Long Day Care Providers can apply for funding to […]

Make Peace with Food – A Best Eating Disorder Health Blog 2013

Make Peace with Food - A Best Eating Disorder Health Blog 2013 B

( July 21, 2013 Make Peace With Food, a blog designed to help readers change their unhappy, unhealthy relationship to food has been named a Best Eating Disorder Health Blog by Healthline for the second year in a row. Blog author Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D. is a psychoanalyst who provides a combination of clinical expertise […]

Fat Talk: New Podcast Explores a Weighty Issue

Fat Talk New Podcast Explores a Weighty Issue B

( July 21, 2013 Win The Diet War, a free podcast available for subscription in iTunes under the Health/Self Help category, has released a new episode to help listeners to stop yo-yo dieting. Podcast host Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D. explores the underlying conflicts and emotions that lead to overeating, rather than focusing on the behavior […]

Would You Trust An On-Line Proofreader With Your Thesis?

would_you_trust_an_on-line_proofreader_with_your_thesis B

( July 11, 2013 Having completed a PhD myself I know how emotionally attached students are to their PhD theses. You will have spent at least three years or more on your dissertation and had several emotional roller coasters. You will have confronted all sorts of obstacles. Then at the end you will have had […] Is Introducing The LG1093AA45 Turbine Flame Sensor

dticorp_is_introducing_the_lg1093aa45_turbine_flame_sensor B

Fort Lauderdale, FL – ( July 08, 2013 Popular online HVAC retailer is introducing the LG1093AA45 Turbine Flame Sensor. Industrial power generation gas turbine installations demand the superior protection provided by the Honeywell UV Flame Monitoring System. The Honeywell flame monitor system detects the ultraviolet radiation emitted by a hydrocarbon flame and produces an […]

Honey Magazine Invites Readers Aboard SOB’s Summer Splash Concert Series

honey_magazine_invites_readers_aboard_sob’s_summer_splash_concert_series B

SOB’s is presenting its Summer Splash Concert Series Aboard the Infinity Luxury Yacht & Honey Magazine Invites its Readers! 
 New York City – ( July 03, 2013 As part of a national tour that’s quickly selling out, Allen Stone a self-proclaimed “hippy with soul” will perform a few of his tracks aboard INFINITY luxury […]

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