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Rap Hip-Hop, No Auto-Tune

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Trotter Water Offers Evolution Columbia, MO (Kuneo Koei) – ( October 30, 2013 Leading Anti Auto-Tune Music Developers, Kuneo Koei, joins forces with Target Takeover Productions Leader, Trotter Water, engaging audiences with their Rap Hip-Hop song called, “The Answer”. “Hip-Hop has found its way into a fad and lost its way as a movement,” Trotter […]

Google Glass Uses for Small Business Owners

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( October 11, 2013 A survey taken by Bite Interactive in May revealed that just 10 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. would consider buying and regularly using Google Glass if they could afford it. Many people stated it would be too socially awkward, while others stated they just didn’t find its features appealing. […]

Business on Line: College Kid Finds $8K in Less Than 24 Hours

Business on Line College Kid Finds $8K in Less Than 24 Hours B

( October 06, 2013 Bryan Spector, a senior college student at the University of Houston, discovered a commission loophole in the online investing world earlier last week. For most of his life, Spector would tell his peers, “One day I will become a millionaire by doing business online” Most of his so-called friends ended up […]

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Discussed in New Book How to Navigate the Anti-Ageing Maze & Not Get Lost

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Sydney, Australia – ( October 03, 2013 Leading Sydney based Anti-Ageing clinic, Ageless Face and Body has released their new book How To Navigate the Anti-Ageing Maze & Not Get Lost, written by clinic founder Dr. Liz Griffin. The book is written to help people understand the options available to help reduce the ageing process. […]

Weight Loss Expert Launches New YouTube Channel

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Los Angeles, CA — ( October 03, 2013 Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, host of the popular podcast Win The Diet War, has launched a new YouTube channel designed to help viewers resolve their weight and body image problems. The Dr. Nina Show is now available on under the People & Blogs category on YouTube. Dr. Nina […]

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