Design Contest Gives Buyers and Designers a New Way of Doing Business

Design Contest is a design marketplace that connect buyers with designers in Australia and around the world

( May 30, 2011

Design Contest Gives Buyers and Designers a New Way of Doing Business

Design Contest Gives Buyers and Designers a New Way of Doing Business

Design Contest is a unique website that allows individuals and businesses to hold their own Design Contest.

This unique concept provides customers with access to designers they would not otherwise have, and work with designers from all over the world.

Whether you need a business logo, website, print, or graphic design services you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Design Contest.  The concept is simple.  You submit an explanation of your design project and budget, and sit back and watch designers create the design of your dreams.  You have the freedom to choose the best out of a large number of submissions, from designers in Australia and around the world.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to obtain design services was to contact design firms, interview, meet with and submit your ideas hoping they’d come up with the design you envisioned.  This process was very expensive and time consuming, and many customers were unhappy with the outcome.  They would either have to have the firm create revisions or let the design agency go and start all over.

Adam Hadley, the Founder, and CEO, had a much more effective process, when he decided to open Design Contest.  As a Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager, working in several industries, he understood the challenges customers and designers faced, and came up with this unique and effective solution.

Design Contest removes all the guesswork, time and over priced services by this unique process.  Getting multiple designs at once is not only time efficient, but designers are aware of the project budget they are submitting their work to.  Competition is another positive aspect of Design Contest for both customers and designers.

Knowing their designs are up against a multitude of other top notch designers gives designers the incentive to offer their very best work.  Not only is this great for customers, but designers improve their talents with each project they design.  This is a real win-win for everyone.

Designers are able to browse projects and submit designs according to their preferred area of design, and in the price range they find acceptable for their work.  Just as customers would spend time meeting with designers just a few years ago, designers also waited for projects.

“Many really great designers went unnoticed because they weren’t employed by reputable design firms, because they lived in rural areas,” said Hadley.  That has all changed with Design Contest.  Whether a designer has a great track record for a prominent design firm or is producing extraordinary work at the kitchen table in the country, they all have the same ability to compete in projects.

At Design Contest you can browse projects, check out their portfolio, or learn about design through their blog, and see how well Design Contest can work for you.  For your convenience you can also sign on with your Twitter or Facebook account.    Link:

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