Dianne Brown Announced Victorian Mother of the Year

Victoria, Australia ( April 08, 2011

Dianne Brown Announced Victorian Mother of the Year

Dianne Brown Announced Victorian Mother of the Year

SOCIETY needs to do more to promote and support mothers, Victorian Senator Jacinta Collins said today, while announcing Victoria’s Mother of the Year.

The Barnardos award winner is Dianne Brown, 40, of Preston, who took in three sisters whose mother was being treated for drug addiction, and who now has three children of her own.

Senator Collins praised Ms Brown for her “positive outlook and selfless, gutsy attitude, as well as her genuine desire to help others and put their needs first.”

Speaking at the award ceremony in Melbourne, Senator Collins referred to the recent debate between stay-at-home versus ‘working’ Mums, which she said was tired, pointless and harmful.

Referring to a new survey that found 60 per cent of ‘working’ Mums, and 40 per cent of stay-at-home Mums, experienced negativity for their choices, Senator Collins said: “Why have mothers declared war on each other?”

“Why did we go tribal, forming into camps, defending our territory and throwing spears at others whose decisions were different to ours? Surely we, as Mums, can rise above this and realise how petty it is and how it is doing us a huge disservice, sowing guilt and creating real harm where we should be offering encouragement, warmth and support.”

“There is no way we can put a figure on everything that mothers do, but what is vital is that we continue to highlight how important mothers are, at every stage of life, and that we promote and support motherhood.”

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