Disney/Pixar Does it Again – Toy Story 3 a Huge Success

Pixar has proven it again! Give the public a great story line with loveable characters that quickly bond to generation after generation and there you have it another movie blockbuster.

Toy Story 3 has gone on to quickly gross an estimated $41 million on Friday night, a fantastic start to what is believed to be the biggest opening ever for a Disney/Pixar film and what is sure to be a long run at the top of the movie box office hits. It has been described as the kind of movie that adults who grew up with the first two movies will love and children will not only relate to, but enjoy for years to come.

This artistic piece of film making has a unique quality to it that is accentuated even more by the films stars that they have playing the voice overs. Buzz, Woody and the gang come to life on the big screen once again with Andy no longer a little boy, but now 17 years of age and headed off to college.

The famous toys which have not been played with for ages end up being donated to the Sunnyside Daycare center to live out the rest of their lives covered in toddler drool. After a hastily declared group meeting, the toys make the decision to escape back to Andy’s house and spend the rest of their lives in the attic. The problem being that Lotso (Ned Beatty), the stuffed bear that runs Sunnyside toys, has plans of his own for the toys. This unforgettable build-up leads to an escape attempt of epic proportions and edge of your seat action, culminating in a great tearjerker ending.

As usual the Disney/Pixar combination know how to spin an unforgettable tale that affects people of all ages and is sure to interest generations to come.

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