DNA Profiling Links Even More Human Genes to Diabetes and Disease

Scientists have known for quite a while that type 2 diabetes is predisposed towards environmental factors such as obesity and diets. In more recent times with the advent of DNA research it is slowly becoming apparent to scientist’s that these environmental factors could quite possibly only account for one part of the overall make-up of this disease.

Through DNA profiling scientists have been able to build up a list of genes that seem to be genetically linked to people who are more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The number of human genes in this category has stood at 26 until this month when a report was published in “Nature Genetics” that another 12 had been found bringing the total to 38 genes that seem predisposed to not only type 2 diabetes but other diseases as well.

Diseases like prostate cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and skin cancers. These genes are also involved in deciding human characteristics, such as height. What was found for the first time and quite unexpectedly was that one of these newly found genes was residing on the X chromosome. Scientists stated that this discovery could suggest maternal inheritance, meaning being passed on through birth from mother to newborn.

This association with the X chromosome is considered extremely rare in most diseases and to be found for the first time in type 2 diabetes was a remarkable discovery.

What ground breaking medical research findings such as these will do for modern medicine and the new ways doctors will treat patients is still to far in the future to see. But, as the picture of the unique make-up of the human body slowly grows clearer threw the help of the latest DNA profiling, then the medical treatments can only get better.

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