E-Cig Brand Starter Kit Offering Free E-Cigarettes

( February 28, 2013

E-Cig Brand Starter Kit Offering Free E-Cigarettes

E-Cig Brand Starter Kit Offering Free E-Cigarettes

E-Cig Brand Starter Kit today announced the availability of free electronic cigarettes for those who are interested in kicking the habit and want to try the healthier alternative.

A person interested in the same can ask for the sample by filling out a short form as present on the company’s website.

The courier charges would be borne by the person receiving the product.

The site contains information and news related to the latest offering by the brand ‘E-Cig.’

In a bid to help more people quit smoking by shifting to a healthier and economical alternative – the electronic cigarette, E-Cig Brand Starter Kit is offering free samples for people to try.

The website is basically a platform for ‘E-Cig’ brand and contains related information as well as deals.

Those who are interested in trying out the sample just need to visit the website, click on ‘Free ECig Brand Starter Kit’ and fill out a short form containing information including your name, address and contact details among others.

Once done, the free samples of the ‘E-Cig’ brand would be sent to the mentioned address free of cost.

The receiver would need to bear the courier expenses.

The company also promises to send the refill cartridges for a limited period free of cost, if the person likes the product.

If not, the E Cig can be returned.

When contacted, a spokesperson of the company said, “The basic aim of the offering is to encourage more people to give up hazardous traditional smoking and opt for healthier alternate.

The cost of trying out is on us.

All they need to bear are the courier expenses.” Other than preventing the bad effects on health, the second advantage associated with E Cigs is that they can be used at public places as well”.

Experts are of the view that since E Cig smoking mimics hand to mouth motion, that are helpful in people quitting the traditional cigarettes.

About E-Cig Brand Starter Kit
E-Cig Brand Starter Kit is an information site for the electronic cigarette brand ‘E-Cig’ and is updated regularly on the latest news and deals related to the same.

The site also details out the advantages related to E-Cigs as well as the components of the products.


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