E Cig Brand Starter Kits Provide Smokers with the Means to Experience the Solution Popular with Well-Known Celebrities

Scottsdale, AZ – ( March 28, 2012

Prohibited smoking, smelly clothes and messy ashes are just some of the reasons smokers are turning to ECig Brand Starter Kits.

The smokeless solution allows people to smoke in virtually any venue and the company is currently offering a free trial of their famous E Cig Brand Starter Kit.

“We encourage customers to try our smoking solution and let us know what they think,” said Mike Ward, CMO of E Cig Starter Kits. “We’re confident they’ll like what they discover.”

The company provides ecigs to a worldwide clientele, including many Hollywood celebrities. Lindsay Lohan and Steve Carell are among the brand’s notable users and Katherine Heigl smoked one live on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

The FDA regulates e cigs as tobacco and not a medical device, but there’s a growing body of testimonies from users who have used ecigs to kick the habit.

The exclusive Ecig Brand Starter Kit comes complete with one e cigarette unit with the company’s advanced design atomizer and a high capacity lithium-ion battery.

The kit also contains two tobacco-flavored cartridges, a USB charger for busy people on the go and a limited lifetime warranty.

The E Cig Starter Kit offers an environmentally friendly solution for those who want to smoke or aren’t ready to quit.

Ecigs contain no burning tobacco so there’s no messy ash or cigarette butts that must be disposed of and no odor to collect on clothes, upholstery and vehicle interiors.

E cigs release no second hand smoke to annoy others or pollute the air.

Reusable ecigs work by delivering a puff of nicotine mixed with water vapor to smokers from replaceable cartridges, devoid of carbon monoxide and hundreds of other harmful chemical compounds that form when tobacco is burned.

Those same compounds are responsible for bad breathe and yellowing of teeth, two conditions that don’t manifest for users of e cigs.

Users derive all the pleasure, flavor and sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, but without the tobacco and chemicals.

E cigs allow users to smoke in areas where smoking has been prohibited.

They can be utilized at posh clubs, spas and hotels and a wide variety of other establishments.

The small, compact design allows them to be tucked in purses, pockets, briefcases.

They’re an ideal solution for travelers, insuring they never run out of their favorite brand and saving money on the high cost of cigarettes in foreign locations.

The popular E Cig Brand Starter Kit provides an affordable way to sample the company’s flavor blend and the possibilities available with smokeless cigarettes.

Ecigs contain no chemical compounds found in traditional cigarettes that have been linked to cancer and other diseases.

Smokers can satisfy their cravings, while continuing to participate in a social activity they enjoy, free of prohibitive rules, regulations and constraints.

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