Ecigarette Starter Kits Offer Smokers New Opportunities & Options

( May 17, 2013

Ecigarette Starter Kits Offer Smokers New Opportunities & Options

Ecigarette Starter Kits Offer Smokers New Opportunities & Options

The means of obtaining a trial e cigarette starter kit is as close as the computer, thanks to a new offer by E Cigarette Starter Kits.

The firm is offering smokers the opportunity to try e cigarettes with its exclusive Regal starter kit.

The Regal starter kit is the top rated online offer, providing smokers with cutting edge technology.

Smokers receive five tobacco flavored cartomizers, each of which is equal to 400 puffs.

A rechargeable lithium battery, storage case, collector’s gift box, and lifetime warranty is included.

To ensure the e cigarette is always ready to use, the kit features a wall charger and USB charger that can be used with PCs and laptops.

The company’s website features a comprehensive array of informational articles about e cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes, along with the latest technological news and trends.

Smokers can learn about the more than 4,000 dangerous chemical compounds inhaled with regular cigarettes and keep abreast of laws that affect users of e cigarettes.

Popular, economical and completely smokeless, e cigarettes allows users to smoke in many venues where smoking has been banned.

One of the major complaints by owners of vacation and getaway properties is the cost of removing the smell and tar residues associated with smoking.

An e cigarette contains none of the compounds that leave tarry deposits on clothes, furniture and carpets.

Locations that allowed smoking on the premises often charged smokers higher rates to cover the cost of additional cleaning.

An e cigarette releases nothing but a combination of nicotine and water vapor, and there’s no unpleasant second hand smoke.

In some instances, e cigarette users actually enjoy discounts offered by a variety of establishments.

The Regal starter kit features refillable cartomizers and nicotine blends are available in multiple flavors and strengths to accommodate a wide range of smoking needs.

Many smokers are using e cigarettes to transition to a smokeless lifestyle.

The devices offer those who aren’t yet ready to quit with a viable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The exclusive Regal starter kit offers everything needed for individuals to begin utilizing e cigarettes.

The kit includes ample supplies for smokers to experience the difference an e cigarette can make in their lives.

Created to imitate traditional cigarettes as closely as possible, users can make an informed decision about their smoking choices, save money and discover for themselves why millions of smokers are making the switch to e cigarettes.

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