ECigarette Trial Kits Allows Smokers to Choose for Themselves

( May 17, 2013

ECigarette Trial Kits Allows Smokers to Choose for Themselves

ECigarette Trial Kits Allows Smokers to Choose for Themselves

Despite the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, there are many smokers who are still reluctant to try them.

To assist people searching for a means to quit or eliminate tobacco toxins from their lives, Jesse Wardle is offering a trial of its Regal ecigarette starter kit.

“Ecigarettes eliminate more than 4,000 deadly chemicals that are inhaled from burning tobacco,” said Jesse Wardle. “One of those substances is tar, a primary element that leaves that unpleasant residue on clothing and furniture. Ecigarettes contain no tars and is a cleaner way to smoke.”

The exclusive Regal starter kit represents the newest ecig technology available.

The kit includes five tobacco flavored cartomizers that equals 400 puffs each, a rechargeable lithium battery and storage case along with a collector’s gift box, lifetime warranty and a wall charger, along with a USB charger that can be used with desktop computers and laptops.

Ecigarettes have become a favorite with celebrities and athletes around the world who smoke and rely on their physical prowess for their livelihood.

The devices deliver a puff of nicotine mixed with water vapor when smokers inhale, but none of the dangerous chemical compounds that are formed when tobacco burns.

Hollywood celebrities and athletes are viewed as role models.

They seek to hide their smoking habit at all costs lest they lose box office appeal and revenues.

Ecigarettes have become fashionable among some of the biggest names in TV, film and the sports arena.

Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame, Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlie Sheen and Leonardo Dicaprio are just some of the stars that have transitioned to ecigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have become the chic and fashionable way to satisfy nicotine cravings, without the health risks associated with inhaling tobacco smoke or second hand smoke.

Many started using ecigarettes through trial offers or after receiving the devices as gifts.

The exclusive Regal starter kit has been rated the leading online offer and provides smokers with a risk free means of assessing ecigarettes for themselves.

Cartomizers are available in different strengths and flavors, and the cartomizers can be refilled for significant savings over traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Ecigarettes can be used to replace traditional cigarettes, a tool to reduce nicotine intake, and as a means of transitioning to a smoke free lifestyle.

The Regal starter kit provides smokers with a risk free way to try before they buy.

It’s impossible to make a lifestyle decision without all the facts and the starter kit offers individuals the opportunity to try ecigarettes, evaluate them and make an informed decision about the modern method of smoking.

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