Eco Hologram Cosmetic Company Launches in the U.S.A.

( January 31, 2013

Eco Hologram Cosmetic Company Launches in the U.S.A.

Eco Hologram Cosmetic Company Launches in the U.S.A. Launches in the U.S.A. bringing Eco-Friendly Hologram Effects to Cosmetics.

A break-through eco-friendly product, “Instant Hologram” accenting current cosmetic choices has been released to the public.

The product which uses technology for creating hologram effects enhances the look and feel of cosmetics that one is already applying as their make-up rituals.

While most have already established a preferred product, or a favorite brand of lipstick or blush, this new application can actually add holographic effects to the already in-use cosmetics.

The idea is to take the currently used cosmetic to a whole new dimension of style and pop; if one is using a certain lipstick, the iridescent holographic shimmer from using “Instant Hologram” can be applied over it, and the resulting look is that of a hologram; an illuminated depth of changing shimmering light.

Lee Martin, the developer of Hologram Cosmetics stated: “simply apply “Instant Hologram” and get an incredible reflecting light that changes with each movement”.

“With our ingredients that are mixed in small batches to ensure freshness, shimmer angles may vary from each tube, letting users effects be unique in their own special way”.

“Made with eco-friendly ingredients, we have blended them into the perfect application. We use only the finest natural and organic butters, natural micas, and botanical ingredients unparalleled in texture, consistency, and absorption. We want you to experience the splendor of our nourishing Holographic Make-up Stick”.

The website was recently launched in January of 2013 but the developers have been doing research for over a year on this breakthrough concept.

The firm is located in Palm Beach County, Florida, and the natural ingredients are proudly harvested in the United States.

When asked how the firm intends to exceed customer expectations, the developers responded with the following.

“We offer uncompromising commitment to natural and organic agriculture and focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of natural, organic and botanical products”.

“We guaranteed our customers the absolute best in quality, from the family farmer that plows for a healthy enriched soil to planting and nurturing the ingredients then blending them together, our team wants to pave a way for the customer to walk through their daily holographic garden with a single application”.

While 3D seems to be virtually everywhere, Holograms are at the forefront of discovery and technology.

The idea of bringing an eco-friendly holographic cosmetic line, where people can convert their existing makeup to the next dimension, is something Hologram Cosmetics wanted to bring to the world.

Using only the freshest, natural and organic ingredients, they have created a creamy and moisturizing blend of nourishing oils & butters and other natural ingredients without parabens, phthalates, petroleum, synthetic dyes or synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxic ingredients.

It is designed to enhance the natural beauty and color of ones lipstick or blush while expressing the desire to stand out in a subtle yet dramatic way. “Instant Hologram” is an iridescent shimmer and comes in a colorful rotating tube.

For those wishing to learn more about this cosmetic discovery, they are asked to visit the company website for more information,


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