EDU Backlinks For Websites Big & Small

( November 11, 2011

EDU Backlinks For Websites Big & Small

EDU Backlinks For Websites Big & Small

EDU Backlinks announced the launch of their first service providing website a little over a week ago.

Since the low key launch, the site has generated a lot of interest due to the service which the site claims to provide.

This proves that business owners are interested in understanding how to leverage their products and services using the internet, said Kate Silnan,
EDU Backlinks senior SEO expert & spokesperson.

We have been experimenting with simple & effective ways to help website owners raise the profile of their on and off-line businesses using the internet, without having to understand the complexities of complicated SEO.

One of the most effective ways of producing a good ROI for any website is by organic exposure within leading search engines such as Google, Bing &Yahoo.

One of the quickest ways to raise a websites organic position is buy adding quality content & secondly by building high quality backlinks. introduces what they hope will be one of the most user friendly places to purchase quality .EDU backlinks for website owners of all sizes.

Using backlinks of this calibre can often help online business owners raise their profile & become a leading authority in their niche market, especially when targeted to a hungry audience through the use of keyword optimization.

Studies show that most business owners understand the importance of having an online presence.

However, many have no idea how to get their website noticed, or even indexed.

This is a problem faced by both large and small website owners, the difference being that large businesses have the resources to throw at the problem where small website owners do not.

Here at EDU Backlinks we have tried to provide an uncomplicated and cost effective EDU backlinking service which caters for the needs of online businesses regardless of their size & marketing budget.

The EDU backlinks team is headed by prolific marketer Kate Silnan.

Kate often leads the industry due to her creative outside of the box approach style of marketing.

The EDU Backlinks marketing team has plans to continue to create affordable EDU backlinking services to serve businesses both small and large.


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