Electronic Cigarette Company Writes an E-cigarette Education for Legislators

Seattle, Washington – ( December 06, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Company Writes an E-cigarette Education for Legislators

Electronic Cigarette Company Writes an E-cigarette Education for Legislators

Executives at the Electronic Cigarette Company today announced the website has published a video and text on e-cigarette education for legislators.

The educational package for the legislators was created in conjunction with a consumer group that helps educate government officials, scientists and researchers.

Electronic cigarettes have been the subject of contention since they were first introduced because the product contains nicotine.

Another issue is the steam that’s produced by ecigarettes when a smoker exhales.

Studies show that the steam that’s produced when a smoker exhales is almost identical to the steam that can be found in fog machines around the world which is why it is rated as safe for human consumption.

Ecigarettes have not been banned by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States nor have they been classified as unsafe.

The American Association of Public Health Physicians also published a statement concerning the State Regulation of E-cigarettes.

Part of the text on that document is below:

An E-cigarette is not a cigarette.

It is a metal tube made to look like a cigarette, with a battery, heating element and cartridge containing the substance to be vaporized.

The substance is usually a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavoring, and a specified quantity of nicotine.

When the vaper (person using the E-cigarette) inhales, an LED lights up to make the device look more like a cigarette.

When he or she exhales, there is a visible cloud of vapor that disappears within a few seconds.

Electronic cigarettes are popularly known as e-cigarettes because the product uses a battery which generates power for a heating coil inside of a container.

The heating coil then burns the nicotine inside of another container which is how the nicotine is delivered to the smoker.

The vapor that’s exhaled by the smoker isn’t harmful to other people in the same room because it is not cigarette smoke, it is a vapor.

Almost everyone who has tried an electronic cigarette reports that it feels like they are smoking a real cigarette and that they can feel the smoke going into their lungs.

The biggest benefit that smokers gain by using ecigarettes is that there is no second hand smoke so there isn’t an issue of harming other people.

The Electronic Cigarette Company routinely publishes information for smokers who want to learn more about e-cigarettes through articles and videos that are posted on the business website and blog.

Visitors to the website are allowed to access the content on the website without being required to submit an email address and they are also allowed to print the information.


The ecigarettes that the Electronic Cigarette Company manufactures are safe for smokers and for other people in the room.

The smoke that is exhaled is vapor and therefore not harmful to other people or to pets and animals.

E-cigarettes have not been banned or restricted by the Food and Drug Administration although there is ongoing legislation discussing the issue.


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