Electronic Cigarette Offers Quit Smoking Solutions for Millions

Scottsdale, AZ – ( December 06, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Offers Quit Smoking Solutions for Millions

Electronic Cigarette Offers Quit Smoking Solutions for Millions

Millions of people try to quit smoking every year but fail.

Electronic Cigarettes offer a means for smokers to quit without feeling deprived, while providing others with a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. offers a free starter kit for those who would like to try the modern, socially acceptable method of smoking.

“The vast majority of the harm caused by smoking is from the other toxins rather than from the nicotine itself,” said Mike Ward, CMO of

“There would be a parallel problem if people got caffeine from smoking tea leaves rather than using the leaves in hot water.

I believe, at the very least, electronic cigarettes are a less harmful alternative and at the very best, a way to save millions of lives.”

Electronic Cigarettes offer all the taste and sensation of smoking, but without the harmful toxins contained in regular cigarettes.

More than 500 additives have been approved for use in cigarettes, and burning the tobacco produces over 4,000 chemical compounds.

E-cigarettes contain no carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide or ammonia found in traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes contain only nicotine and water vapor that are inhaled by the user.

There’s no second hand smoke to offend others, making e-cigarettes an ideal solution where smoking isn’t allowed or has been banned.

Smokers don’t have to worry about ashes or the odors associated with cigarettes collecting on clothing, in the home or in the car.

Electronic Cigarettes utilize an atomizer and nicotine cartridge to deliver a puff of nicotine directly to smokers.

They’re specially designed to look and feel like tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are highly portable and can easily be slipped into a pocket, purse or briefcase.

Rechargeable batteries can be charged via household current, USB or in vehicles.

Smokeless cigarettes are less expensive and present an ideal solution for those who want to quit smoking.

Nicotine levels can be gradually reduced until smokers no longer experience intense cravings.

For those who aren’t ready to quit yet, Electronic Cigarettes are an environmentally friendly means of smoking that doesn’t release toxins in the air and doesn’t contribute to global warming.

They also decrease litter and result in fewer cleaning costs, as there are no cigarette butts involved.

Electronic Cigarettes are the number one choice of smokers nationwide, providing an alternative solution for those who want to quit smoking and those who aren’t ready to do so.

Electronic Cigarettes are less expensive than traditional smoke’s and offer all the sensation of smoking that individuals seek, and satisfy cravings.

For those who are unsure about e-cigarettes, offers a free trial starter kit, allowing individuals to make an informed decision about their smoking choices.

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