Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking Offers Cost Effective Solution

Scottsdale, AZ ( November 22, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking Offers Cost Effective Solution

Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking Offers Cost Effective Solution

Cigarettes are a costly habit that claim millions of lives every year.

Giving up cigarettes is one of hardest addictions to break, but smokers can use an electronic cigarette to quit smoking.

For a limited time, is offering an exclusive starter kit to help smokers get started.


Cigarettes are not a part of human behavior – they are a habit,’ said Mike Ward, CMO and owner of

“The electronic cigarette addresses all the elements of human behavior in the addiction process like nothing else does.”

Electronic cigarettes provide the means for smokers to begin their journey toward being smoke free.

They also provide a better smoking alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes for those who aren’t ready to quit yet.

Electronic cigarettes allow users to smoke in virtually any venue where smoking has been banned.

Electronic cigarettes are an inexpensive alternative to traditional cigarettes and can save users thousands of dollars while they quit smoking.

When tobacco is burned, it forms detrimental chemical compounds.

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, contain none of the additives, tar or carbon monoxide associated with traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes utilize an atomizer that releases a burst of nicotine and water vapor when smokers inhale – and nothing else.

Since no tobacco is involved, many are using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking.

There’s no offensive second hand smoke, providing a greener environment for all.

Using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking have other benefits, including freedom from the odors associated with traditional cigarettes that saturate clothes, upholstery and the interior of vehicles.

Users won’t suffer from smoker’s breathe, there’s a reduction in some health risks and smokers still get the nicotine they crave.

To help smokers on the way to becoming smoke free, the website is offering its exclusive electronic cigarette starter kit.

The kit includes a stainless steel atomizer, nicotine cartridges, rechargeable battery and USB charger, all in a hard plastic carrying case.

Electronic cigarettes have the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes to simulate smoking as closely as possible.

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and on Twitter at!/TyBeck1.

An electronic cigarette to quit smoking offers significant savings over a variety of other methods.

They also provide a flameless alternative to traditional cigarettes that can be utilized in locations where smoking has been prohibited, including hotels, restaurants, bars and an extensive array of entertainment venues.

Electronic cigarettes are an effective alternative for those who want to quit smoking, as well as those who aren’t ready to quit.

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