Electronic Reader Price War is Great News for Shoppers

Low cost electronic readers are only dropping in price, which is great news for those consumers who swear by them as the must have Tech tool of the 21st Century. What originally started of as a $259 price point for two of the best known electronic-book-readers the “Nook” sold by Barnes and Noble and the “Kindle” which is being peddled by the online behemoth Amazon, have dropped considerably overnight.

A price war which seemingly erupted on Monday saw the “Nook” drop $60 in price and is now available for $199. While Amazon not to be outdone, countered with its own price movement by slashing the “Kindle” by $70 to $189 making it the cheapest on the market.

One can only wonder if the smell of Apple in the air and the hugely successful launch of the iPad tablet caused this quick response by its closest competitors who are desperately trying to maintain market dominance. The iPad which has sold over two million units in the last two months since its launch and with a starting price double its competitors at $500 is quickly carving out a dominant market share through the strengths of its own sales.

Barnes & Noble has gone one step further and is also introducing a new model of the Nook device, which will utilise only Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet for $149. The expected market for electronic readers is five million plus this year alone.

Shoppers seem to be flocking to the iPad due to its bright color screen and greater functionality, despite the higher pricing point and the fact that they are heavier and the LCD screens cause eye fatigue a lot quicker than the monochrome screens of the electronic readers.

All this means that the consumer is going to be the big winner in the end of the enfolding technological revolution.

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