Enviro-Equipment and OxyGreen Corporation Complete Next Generation Patented Oxygen Generating Cell Prototype

Charlotte, NC and Cape Coral FL ( January 05, 2011

Enviro-Equipment and OxyGreen Corporation Complete Next Generation Patented Oxygen Generating Cell Prototype

Enviro-Equipment and OxyGreen Corporation Complete Next Generation Patented Oxygen Generating Cell Prototype

Enviro-Equipment, Inc, a provider of environmental monitoring instruments and remediation rental equipment, and OxyGreen Corporation, an engineering technology company, announced today the completion of the next generation of OxyGreen Corporation’s patented oxygen generating cell prototype.

The prototype was crafted at Enviro-Equipment’s laboratory and manufacturing facility in Pineville NC. The new generation prototype cell is designed to produce a higher amount of pure oxygen than the previous design and will be operated and monitored by a programmable logic controller (PLC). In 2010, Enviro-Equipment was awarded an exclusive contract to manufacture the cells and system controls. The contract included software developed by Enviro-Equipment to monitor and control the OxyGreen system.

The OxyGreen technology is a natural way to oxygenate ground water. The oxygen generated comes directly from the ground water via electrolysis. The OxyGreen system is a green, chemical free, bioremediation technology designed to remove petrochemical contamination in soil and ground water left behind by most remediation systems which are primarily designed to only remove gross contamination.

“The issue is the high cost of remediation with current technology and not being able to completely eliminate the contamination, “ According to EEI Principal Hydrogeologist Brian E. Chew, Sr. P.G. “As the costs of monitoring tens of thousands of remediation sites that are not completely clean continue to rise, Oxygreen brings a solution to the market.

Constant production of pure oxygen to accelerate bioremediation and polish off those costly sites is the answer. With my thirty years in the environmental field and extensive field experience in environmental assessment and design/installation of soil vapor extraction (SVE), air sparging, dual phase extraction(DPE)and free product recovery systems in 20 States, it is refreshing to work on a new angle for petrochemical remediation,” added Chew.

“We are very pleased with the prototype and are confident of the change this system will bring to the industry. Instead of spending millions over decades to monitor and contain they can now spend thousands over months to remediate past the most stringent government standards,” states Ed McLaughlin, Chairman of OxyGreen Corporation.

Laboratory testing has started, field testing will follow, with full production beginning soon after.

About Enviro-Equipment, Inc.:

Enviro-Equipment, Inc., a woman-owned small business founded in 1993, rents, sells, and manufactures environmental monitoring equipment used for pollution control, ground-water remediation, water and wastewater treatment, safety and industrial hygiene, and environmental assessment. The Charlotte, NC facility also offers environmental sampling supplies, safety products, equipment repair, and training. Enviro-Equipment’s customers include colleges and universities, government agencies, industry, and environmental consultants in the ground-water hydrology and industrial hygiene fields.

About OxyGreen Corporation:

OxyGreen, Corporation is an engineering technology company that produces U.S. patented in situ groundwater bioremediation products. It is a 100% permanently and totally disabled combat veteran owned business.

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