Facebook Users Can Finally Login Safely

Mistyped a password or email address

Latest Facebook Bug Fixed

The well publicized glitch in the Facebook Login system that gave users private details away has now been repaired.

The latest bug to arise in the social media giant’s platform had the ability to affect all its 500 million plus users and made news headlines earlier this week.

The software bug only arose if someone mistyped a password or email address. What was particularly concerning was the private information it automatically threw up in response to a simple error.

Facebook has come to the forefront of the news media and privacy critics on more than one occasion. In particular, its uses of personal user data for their own marketing needs. Individuals who are drawn to using this type of online social medium tend to think that a company as big and popular as Facebook would be relatively safe to use.

But its popularity is the exact reason why it is attacked by hackers on a regular basis.

The private user information freely available on web sites such as this is worth a fortune in the right type of hands.

Identity theft criminals, hackers, phisers, marketers and even stalkers, would like nothing more than to get their hands on this type of personal and sensitive data. It is a veritable goldmine for anyone with more dubious intentions rather than just sharing exciting moments in life.

Most people have friends on this popular social platform and when used as intended it can be a fantastic user experience. So this social media platform will continue to grow in popularity and undoubtedly continue to attract even more undesirable attention from those that would like to do more than just exchange information.

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3 Comments for “Facebook Users Can Finally Login Safely”

  1. Bob

    About this same time and since, I have been refused logging into fb. So I cannot get in to correct any problems. My fb account is now useless and I am unable to contact a real live fb person to help correct problems. Furthermore, I question poisoning of my friends’ fb accounts to give them the same problems. Help, anyone?

  2. Dee

    Same here!!!!!!!!!!
    Unable to login.

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