Fat Talk: New Podcast Explores a Weighty Issue

( July 21, 2013

Fat Talk: New Podcast Explores a Weighty Issue

Fat Talk: New Podcast Explores a Weighty Issue

Win The Diet War, a free podcast available for subscription in iTunes under the Health/Self Help category, has released a new episode to help listeners to stop yo-yo dieting.

Podcast host Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D. explores the underlying conflicts and emotions that lead to overeating, rather than focusing on the behavior itself.

She gets to the root of food issues in order to eliminate the problem for good.

In the newest episode, titled “The Skinny On Fat Talk” she turns her attention to the phenomenon of “fat talk,” in which women openly disparage their bodies and find fault with their size or physicality.

This makes them feel bad about themselves, which leads to turning to food for comfort or distraction from these upsetting emotions.

Dr. Nina reminds listeners, “The size of your stomach or thighs doesn’t define you. What defines you is the size of your intellect, the size of your compassion, not the size of your jeans.“

She urges listeners to assess the size of their hearts, not their thighs. She suggests that people count the number of friends they have, not the number on the scale.

In this episode, she provides guidelines for how to stop the fat talk, including a moratorium on discussing body weight and size, re-framing negative thoughts, and focusing on the symbolic aspects of fat talk.

Dr. Nina reminds listeners that fat talk keeps them in a toxic and cruel relationship with themselves, and distracts from their true selves and their potential.

She challenges the idea that people can “feel” fat. As she puts it, “fat is a substance, not a feeling.”

She also gives hope for immediate change, saying, “Losing weight takes time, but you can drop the fat talk in no time.”

About Win the Diet War Podcasts
Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D. is a psychoanalyst who specializes in emotional eating and is a recognized expert on binge eating, interviewed for her expertise by the Los Angeles Times, Prevention, and other publications.

She has written many articles on disordered eating from a psychoanalytic perspective. Her award-winning blog, Make Peace With Food ( was named a “Best Eating Disorder Blog of 2013” by Healthline for the second year in a row.

Win The Diet War is released on a biweekly basis and is now available on Stitcher Radio as well as on iTunes.


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