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Scottsdale, AZ – ( December 12, 2011 Explores the Future of Fuel Cell Vehicles Explores the Future of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Many consumers are seeking vehicles that offer an affordable alternative to traditional combustion engines, and auto makers have responded with a number of fuel cell cars, also known as F Cell Cars.

To assist consumers in understanding the technology and the many options available, Mike Ward, CMO of F Cell Cars, has launched

“F Cell Cars help reduce and eliminate harmful emissions and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil,” said Mike Ward, CMO of

The website provides a wealth of information on F Cell Cars and how they’re powered.

Ward explores how fuel cells are being used as power sources for vehicles ranging from consumer cars to military transports.

The site offers extensive insight into the use of fuel cells and what F Cell Cars could mean for the American economy.

The site examines the strides being made in Fuel Cell Cars by manufacturers around the world and the impact F Cell Cars could have on the economy and the world.

F Cell Cars are essentially electric vehicles that utilize a fuel cell to power the car’s electric motor.

A fuel cell utilizes hydrogen and water to produce a chemical reaction.

That reaction produces electricity, much like a traditional battery.

They produce fewer emissions than vehicles with combustion engines, making them virtually pollution free and environmentally friendly.

Fuel Cell Cars offer one of the few available alternatives to traditional vehicles that use non-renewable resources.

The vehicles provide the means for nations to reduce their dependence on foreign energy sources.

Fuel cells have been available for decades and used extensively by NASA.

Fuel cells also power a limited number of commercial needs, but little progress was made toward bringing the technology to consumers and mass-market products.

To remain competitive with other auto manufacturers and meet the consumer demand, American automakers have embarked on a path that puts more F Cell Cars on the road.

A limited number of Fuel Cell Cars are available, such as the Ford Focus and Super Chief pickup truck, and Chrysler’s Natrium and Jeep models. General Motors offerings include the Equinox, HyWire and HydroGen4. provides a comprehensive examination of Fuel Cell Cars, along with the benefits and problems associated with the vehicles.

In-depth information on how fuel cells work to power transportation is provided to assist individuals in making informed choices and understand the technology.

With the ever-increasing price of gasoline, F Cell Cars have the potential to transform entire economies and the way the world drives.

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