“FDNY’s Explores Program a Hit” Says Prison Consultant John Fuller

( March 27, 2013

"FDNY's Explores Program a Hit" Says Prison Consultant John Fuller

“FDNY’s Explores Program a Hit” Says Prison Consultant John Fuller

If there were any doubts about collaboration between a Prison Consultant, the NYPD and EMS they should be put to rest.

John Fuller Vice President of Prison Coach LLC, had been in the rolodex of Fire Fighter Darrell Dennison for nearly a year.

They met at Brooklyn’s Belmont Academy Annual Career Day in 2012.

Fuller promised Dennison that he would waive the Prison Coach public speaking fee should they be needed for the NYPD/EMS Exploring Program in the future.

In an old school deal made with a handshake, Dennison called, Fuller answered,and then delivered.

Prison Consultant Fuller stated “The Explorers Program is an excellent avenue for children to believe that employment options exist and Nafeesah Noonan insures that diversity takes place during the recruitment process for these young men and women.

The youth need to know that civil service jobs are obtainable but difficult to acquire if they have criminal records.”

Fuller spoke to over 100 youths ranging from 10 to 17 years of age, openly admitting his past mistakes.

He contributed the rebellious attitudes of youth to a colossal breakdown in families, popular music and mainstream media that pushes an sexually promiscuous and violent agenda that is non-conducive to their growth and development.

In the theme of his speech titled “How would you like to be remembered?” Fuller expressed concern that poor choices by some youth, can carry over to adulthood, resulting in unfavorable memories by friends and family as they grow old.

The youth were encouraged to abstain from sex and the segment by EMS Health Instructor Brandon Mahon drove home the point.

All children were distributed wrist bands. One out of seven was red and others white.

When asked to raise their hands those wearing the red wrist bands would have represented the growing population of teens infected with HIV in New York City.

The youth were shocked at the numbers.

Prison Consultants Steve Oberfest and Dr. Tyrone Jennings PhD were not in attendance but thankful that Prison Coach could contribute to a wonderful program.

Oberfest stated “We are grateful to be thought of as a positive resource for any community based program that encourages the youth to develop mental and physical fitness which are essential in addition to leadership skills.”

Prison Coach hopes to collaborate with the NYPD, FDNY and EMS on future projects that encourage ethical choices, the desire to help others and develop positive social interactions.

About Prison Coach, LLC

Prison Coach, LLC, is a private consulting, research and investigative organization that assists state and federal offenders and their attorneys with all aspects of criminal sentencing and matters relating to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

They represent clients nationally and offer their services throughout the United States.

The team consults with both men and women, along with their families, who will soon be incarcerated at a federal or state prison, or a prison camp, as a first time inmate.

They concentrate on those individuals who have been indicted or convicted of white collar crimes, drugs and other non-violent crimes.

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