Fintel Financial Intelligence Wound Up, Families Left With Nothing

QLD, Australia – ( June 28, 2012

Fintel Financial Intelligence Wound Up, Families Left With Nothing

Fintel Financial Intelligence Wound Up, Families Left With Nothing

Fintel Financial Intelligence and the ‘Tan Oak’ trust were wound up today on behalf of the Australian Securities & Investment Commission in the Brisbane Supreme Courts in Queensland, Australia.

Fintel Financial Intelligence was a small stock market education company located in Noosa in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. (Australia)

Tania Oakley the managing director of Fintel Financial Intelligence had been investigated by the Securities & Investment commission for several discrepancies regarding one of the funds she was managing and large hidden losses suffered over the last 5 years.

Several V.I.P Clients who pooled their money into one of the Fintel Financial Intelligence funds lost millions of dollars (without their knowledge) due to stock market volatility and actions taken by the manager of the fund itself.

Investigations into this matter are still on going to find out exactly what actions were taken and where things went wrong.

Fintel clients were promised success, financial security and a life of happiness and good fortunes, but have now been left high and dry with nothing to show.

More and more of these stories seem to be surfacing since the start of the financial crisis back in 2008.

Illegitimate companies and enterprises prey on unsuspecting victims and use specialized tactics to rope clients in and take their money.

Then when everything goes pair shaped those responsible hide in the shadows while clients’ money is drained or used for other purposes without them knowing.

It is a horrible situation, and most of these stories go unnoticed.

Tim Collins, an Australian Financial Commentator was quoted today:-

“It is very sad to see how families even 5 years after the financial crisis started are still suffering. There are sharks out there, and many people who lost their money back in 2008 are desperate to do anything, and go to any lengths to try and recoup their losses, and it normally ends up in heartache and tears.”

This is one of those horrible situations, and many still fall victim to financial scams.

There are many similar stories out there.

The Australian Securities & Investment Commission does a fantastic job to try and stop these companies, but unfortunately on many occasions by the time they are caught it is too late, and the damage is already done.

Many people do not realize that if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

But the average person is blind-sided by the positives and not the negatives that circulate around these types of investments and greed can sometimes take over.

Trusting another person to manage your hard earned money is a very big risk to take, and one must take special precautionary measures to ensure entire lifesavings are not at risk.

Tania Oakley the manager of Fintel Financial Intelligence was unavailable for comment today, however the investigations are still on going and clients are slowly coming to the realization that the money they had invested will never be seen again.

It is a sad story and many families have been devastated by this news, and are trying to move on.

It is a reminder to those wishing to invest their money to do their homework first, otherwise they can become victim to companies such as Fintel Financial Intelligence and other scams out there that go undetected.


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