First In-text Commerce & Distribution Platform, Dycomb, Launches to Better Monetize Forums & Journals

( May 03, 2013

Struggling open source and pay journals such as PLOS, JSTOR, and Elsevier have resorted to subscription pay models and pay per paper submit models to support themselves.

Undesirable to patrons and content providers, current business models have been subject to scrutiny and usurpation.

Since 2009, in-text advertising monetization solutions have gained and subsequently lost popularity, paying only cents on the dollar of other monetization means.

Deemed obtrusive and disruptive by patrons, the first generation of in-text solutions has atrophied.

A boon to the industry, the next generation of in-text solutions relying on product distribution has arrived with the launch of Dycomb, the world’s first pure product distribution firm.

Dycomb, which became technically possible in the last year and a half, promises to monetize forums, journals, and blogs ten times better than other advertising solutions while actually providing a convenience to patrons.

New in-text solutions also allow for simple opt-in profit sharing between content management systems like tumblr and content providers or blog owners by breaking products out of their confinements in corporate websites, online storefronts, and retailers and placing these products in context across the web.

Designed by Matt Kalish of PENSA and coded by Jared Mimms, Dycomb rose out of a movement to better monetize scientific journals after the JSTOR – MIT debacle.

Dycomb hopes to revitalize a dying industry by producing a new incentive system with real time transfers and intentional triggers.

Automated in-text commerce may reshape the landscape of the web, eliminating obtrusive, privacy invading banner and text advertisements.

About Dycomb
Spun off from Omega Genomics and founded in 2011, Dycomb began as a movement to better monetize online journals and evolved over a year into the most technologically advanced sales, customer service, and website monetization schema ever built for the web. Dycomb is a sunny San Diego company.


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