First Page of Google – How to Achieve it

( November 02, 2011

First Page of Google %E2%80%93 How to Achieve it First Page of Google – How to Achieve it

First Page of Google – How to Achieve it

For many attaining a position on the first page of Google can seem like a distant lush mirage in the dry desert of online Internet presence.

It shimmers and shines in the distance, while tempting you to keep trying and working towards its lush opportunity of traffic and Internet exposure.

As with anything in life, the Internet and getting information indexed and published highly on it so others can see it is an exact and evolving process.

For anyone who has tried to publish anything on the Internet, the time it takes to get indexed by the search engines can seem enormous.

Just being indexed by Google search engine can take weeks and the exciting celebration that follows when you finally get indexed quickly subsides upon realizing your website appears on page 50 or more.

“Who is going to see it there”?

“I need to reach the first page of Google.” Is a common shout out in the online forum boards, from people seeking help with their online marketing efforts.

And so begins the long hard crawl to getting your newly established Internet presence as close to and more precisely, on the first page of Google.

That enviable first page positioning on Google that so many aspire to can be hard, if not quite impossible to achieve.

It can seem so close at times, but be completely out of reach for the normal person.

The first page of Google, this Holy Grail of Internet marketing can be attained, but it is a process that must be followed to the letter.

One of the quickest ways to not only get a new site indexed and published in Google is to submit a press release through a popular press release site like

Each press release you submit has links back to your website known as back-links included that Google follows and comes across your new website much quicker than it normally would.

The beauty of submitting a press release through is that it is indexed within minutes of publishing and the headline of the press release hits page 1, position 1 of Google within minutes of publishing 99% of the time.

So website owners who submit a press release not only achieve quicker indexing of their new websites, but also get the added effect of hitting the first page of Google in no time with the information they require people to see.

This also helps people interested in your subject follow the back-link in the press release back to your website for more information and thus giving you traffic you might have never seen.

Another favorable after effect of submitting press releases is that each PR is like a mini satellite site of your website, all advertizing the information you want to share, capturing even more viewers interested in the same subject and directing them back to your original website.

This natural flow on effect of press releases starts to give your website what is called “authority status.”

Google and other search engines notice all these links and start to see your website as an authority on your selected subject.

This leads to your original website starting to rise in ranking through the search engine pages.

As more and more Internet surfers start chatting and mentioning different press releases you have published on the Social Media sites, like Facebook and Twitter your websites status naturally grows and so does its ranking in Google.

This does happen and occurs through natural syndication of your original press release.

Other website owners need content and they will quite happily re-publish good original content on their websites, leaving the original back-link intact.

This equates to even more back-links pointing back to your site and raising the authority status even more, until it finally hits page one of Google itself.

So you see hitting the first page of Google is not as hard as some people make out.

You just have to follow the process, and releasing good quality and informative press releases is a great way to go.

For more information on submitting a press release to the first page of Google visit:

Submit a press release to the first page of Google:


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