Five Reasons NOT to Give Up Smoking!

( May 23, 2012

Five Reasons NOT to Give Up Smoking!

Five Reasons NOT to Give Up Smoking!

The internet is everyone’s doctor and physician nowadays and there are whole sites dedicated to not only health related issues, but also much space is dedicated to giving up smoking.

As an individual, and writing as a smoker, should I pay attention to the sites that tell me to quit smoking, in fact should I pay more attention to the many advertisements, TV adverts, radio shows on health matters, all telling me that if I smoke, I will die younger, etc etc.


Pay attention or die early!

OMG! That’s an awful thing to say to a complete stranger, but this sort of warning message screams at me each day, especially when I pick up my lovely pack of cigarettes, and I read “smoking kills”, and “You are harming people around you” and so on.

It makes me sound like an ogre, or some sort of predatory internet troll, always looking to spread the bad news and bad vibes to others, especially if the people can’t see you or don’t know who you are!

I’m told these awful messages, whenever I pick up a pack of cigarettes, so should I take notice after all these years?


Should I hell.

It is important to realise that cigarette smoking is a personal choice, but far from being selfish, I do realise that many people do not want to have to suffer “second hand smoke” and if someone is a non smoker, I do think it’s is unfair to smoke around them, so my tips below, should be peppered with a degree of courtesy and politeness too, after all, if someone farts, I don’t wish to smell it, so if I smoke, I don’t expect someone to have to put up with either.

It’s give and take, instead of a hard hitting approach to force people against their will to do something they may not want to do, i.e., quit smoking.

I have been smoking on and off for 20 years now, and yes I know that ciggies don’t contain vitamin C, and I know they aren’t exactly health promoting, but I enjoy the occasional puff on a cigarette and many other people would agree with me, but should I give up? Should I cave in to what the people say?


Here’s my reasons why I don’t think I will give up just yet.

1. Smoking relaxes me!

I feel relaxed when I light up a cigarette! When I’m feeling nervous or unsure, it’s something to do, to keep me occupied.


2. Smoking fits in with my lifestyle.

Many of my friends and work colleagues smoke so I wouldn’t want to be anti social around them, although of course again, taking note, I wouldn’t smoke around a non smoker.


3. Smoking helps avoid weight gain.

A cigarette can be a handy way to stay thin, or at least avoid getting fat, and sometimes I think that one cigarette is far less harmful than eating a greasy hamburger or other junk food, which can prejudice my health far more.


4. Smoking can help me awake!

I drive long distances as part of my job, and a ciggie often helps me stay alert and awake due to the hit from the nicotine.

It’s also a way to relieve boredom on long journeys when the road seems to go on for ever and the destination seems so far away.


5. Smoking can have a soothing or pain relieving effect.

Studies have shown that in times of stress, a quick “fag” as we call them in the UK, will help with paint relief or anxiety as the cigarette releases chemicals that stimulate a feeling of well being.

There are many reasons why one should carry on smoking, as well as many reasons why one should quit.

If you are of the school of thought that it is time to give up, make sure you see a doctor or pharmacist who can help you achieve this, with a special plan to work towards, and also nicotine replacement therapy such as patches or gum, which can aid giving up smoking.

And me?

I’m off outside for a smoke.

Anonymous Smoker


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