Flowers to Symbolize Love & Admiration During Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Thailand – ( January 15, 2013

Flowers to Symbolize Love & Admiration During Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Flowers to Symbolize Love & Admiration During Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Flowers mainly symbolize love and admiration during Valentine’s Day.

In Thailand, Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited events and considered as a grand festival for lovers.

People in Thailand are usually in a festive mood during this special occasion as it is also the month of the Chinese New Year.

They celebrate it with extra fervor and enthusiasm, with flowers playing a significant role during this occasion.

Adults, teens and even Thai children give the people they like and love flowers to symbolize their adoration.

Many types of flowers symbolize different meanings in Thailand.

Men may tend to give flowers as they usually represent beauty. Perhaps, the reason why they give flowers is that they display a visual commentary of their loving relationship.

In Thailand, guys give flowers to ladies they admire to express how beautiful and wonderful they think they are.

To state a fact, flowers have a cultural significance for romance.

A red rose usually represent true love. So guys giving red roses may usually express how much they love and admire their lady.

Burgundy roses represent an unconscious beauty. People who are well-informed about the meanings of flowers may give this rose to a person they find beautiful on the inside. They greatly appreciate the beauty that is skin-deep.

In addition, sunflowers represent purity and lofty thoughts, daisies represent innocence, faith, and loyal love, and yellow tulips represent hopeless love.

Moreover, orchids represent refined beauty, a coriander for lust, and yellow roses for friendship, joy, dying love, infidelity and heartbreak.

There are many emotions that flowers symbolize.

As these flowers play a significant role in the Thai courtship and Valentine’s Day celebration, there are numerous flower shops found in the country.

It is a common practice for Thai people, most especially teens to include in their Valentine’s Day celebration activities such as exchanging gifts and romantic dates.

Thai guys would usually present the lady they admire beautifully decorated flower bouquets, teddy bears, candies, and chocolates.

Valentine’s Day in Thailand is taken very seriously and the easiest way to participate in this sweet celebration is just to send flowers, a bouquet or a basket, together with little love things such as chocolates and teddy bears.

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