Former US Ambassador Bolton Says Israel Should Quickly Attack Iran

Iran’s nuclear facility in Bushehr

Bolton Says Israel Should Quickly Attack Iran

The former diplomat who served during the George Bush Administration as Ambassador to the UN up until 2009 has made some startling statements that have captured world news headlines.

Former Ambassador John Bolton cut loose during an interview at Fox Business on Monday with some strong and frightening assertions. Many Critics who are not buying into Bolton’s rhetoric are calling it powerful scaremongering tactics.

Bolton was adamant that if Iran’s nuclear facility in Bushehr was not destroyed by Israel in the next few days, then it would be too late. The nuclear facility is due for opening in just over a week and will give Iranian authorities the ability to create a nuclear bomb.

Once the uranium fuel rods are in the reactor or even just close to it then it will be too late for any form of strike. This is due to the confirmed radiation fallout on the close civilian population.

Russia who supplied the fuel rods to Tehran also came under attack by Bolton saying “the idea of being able to stick a thumb in America’s eye always figures prominently in Moscow.”

Tehran’s atomic ambitions have long been on the agendas of the world’s super powers. The UN Security Council recently hit Tehran with a fourth set of sanctions in June over its nuclear ambitions. This was followed up by US and European selective punitive measures which further targeted financial and energy sectors.

Tehran authorities have doggedly pursued their nuclear ambitions even though their citizens suffer from these ongoing and ever tightening sanctions. Threats of attack from Israel are generally dismissed as repetitive rhetoric from the west.

Authorities in Israel have made no official response to these strong and worrying statements made by the former US Ambassador.

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