Fraxion Payments Updates Their Micropayments WordPress Plugin with Universal Login

( September 19, 2010

Fraxion Payments Updates Their Micropayments WordPress Plugin with Universal Login

Fraxion Payments Updates Their Micropayments WordPress Plugin with Universal Login

Fraxion Payments, released back in March their micropayments WordPress plugin which allowed bloggers to charge for their content. Now today the company has gone one better by releasing an update that works with one universal login.

“Before it was necessary that a reader had to have an account with each WordPress site that used our plugin,” says Chris Wilkins, co-founder of Fraxion Payments. “Now a reader only needs a Fraxion payments account and then can use this same account for all blogs using our plugin”.

He goes onto explain that this has always been one of the arguments against micropayments, that of readers needing many different accounts and unable to use the balance in one account for content on other sites. Now one account and one balance can be used for sites charging for content.

Fraxion Payments is slowly growing, Wilkins notes. “There have been a number of sites who have expressed interest in using our service and this number is increasing everyday”.

He relates how a number of hyper local news sites in England are looking to use the technology, as are many other new and innovative sites around the world.

One he points to is Journal Local,, a site run by Philip John. Based in the UK it’s a new hyperlocal platform for journalists and active citizens alike to create their own community web site.

“Adding Fraxion Payments to Journal Local’s niche journalism platform was an obvious choice”, John says. “Journalists are increasingly looking at launching their own projects with a view to monetisation. Journal Local provides the platform, and Fraxion offers them a simple route to monetisation. It’s a perfect fit.”

Wilkins believes the days of free, poor quality content is coming to an end, even if slowly, and that Fraxion Payments’ plugin is just one piece of this puzzle, one that more and more people are finding very simple and easy to use. This development makes micropayments for bloggers even simpler.

“People want to write and get properly compensated for their work. This is one way that can make that happen.”

This undoubtedly opens up major opportunities for budding journalists, writers and authors everywhere. All they need is a WordPress site, the Fraxion Payments plugin, and they are in business.

They also have plans to release a catalogue of sites using the plugin. This will help customers to find content they are interested in.

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