Free Vehicle Tracking – Track Your Vehicles in an Instant

UK ( January 10, 2012

Free Vehicle Tracking - Track Your Vehicles in an Instant

Free Vehicle Tracking - Track Your Vehicles in an Instant

There is a vehicle tracking system that can actively determine when the car engine is off and when it is running.

The company can use this device to make sure that the drivers do not spend too much time on a single location without any business agenda.

There is an alert function that comes along with the system which enables the company to determine the engine idle time together with the possible cause of the idleness.

This may also be used to respond to urgent matters swiftly such as a case of the vehicle having been involved in an accident.

Even when it comes to regular vehicle breakdown, the alert system can easily confirm the driver’s claims to the company that indeed the vehicle has broken down under normal circumstances.

The ability to determine the best routes from the comfort of your office also brings along with it another benefit.

The business owner can easily counter possible actions by the driver such as going other routes to pursue personal business at the expense of the company.

This is what is called the conflict of interest; it is a normal for any human being to get into this kind of situation and drivers are of no exception.

But using vehicle tracking, the company need not worry about this because the drivers will be shy to do that very well knowing that they are being monitored by their  employer.

Some organizations pay their employees based on quantitative performance.

This for example means, the more the number of hours you have been actively involved in the work, the higher the payment you get.

In this case, using vehicle tracking GPS that stores historical data from the employees, then it is pretty simple to determine how many man hours they were actively working and hence allocate payments on prorated basis.

In addition to this, the system can also be used to allocate awards by way of determining the employee with the best rate of return to the company.

Another concept of determining whether your vehicle tracking system is of the best quality is by checking at the historical information available.

Vehicle tracking systems of the highest quality have data dating back to the point the system was acquired from the seller.


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