G20 Violence on the Rise as Protesters Create Havoc

The G20 Summit’s media focus has once again succumbed to the actions of a few over the will of the majority. It has been marred by members of the public who are more inclined to display their differences in opinion by the use of violence as a first resort rather than the almost inevitable last option.

Protesters in an open and unprovoked act have voiced their outwardly strong opinions on the G20 Summit and its leaders. Cars are burning; the Toronto police are stretched to capacity and yet, they are still able to maintain law and order throughout this trying pause of political commonsense.

Reports are surfacing of over a 150 people being arrested, with up to 3 police vehicles being set on fire. Bricks were randomly pelted at police officers and the use of riot shields had to be utilized against the reported use of clubs and an assortment of home made weaponry. The police force protecting the outer perimeter of the G20 Summit had managed to push back the rioters thanks to the prolific use of tear gas and pepper spray.

Approximately 30,000 people showed up at the rally and eventually marched against the G20 summit while demonstrating in favor of social issues. But, what started out as a peaceful rally later escalated into what only can be termed as expected random violence.

The Canadian authorities have spent more than a billion dollars to secure this week’s back-to-back G8 and G20 summits. Critics are arguing whether this money has been well spent or just another waste of hard earned taxpayer’s dollars.

Could this be considered a part of the Canadian Government’s ongoing contribution to an economic stimulus package and therefore consistent with their overall policy towards financial recovery?

Maybe, but one thing for sure is that the decisions taken by our leaders during this time of great consequences may certainly have a dramatic impact on all our lives for some time to come.

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  1. dom youngross

    If only. If only all the violence-prone protestors had been offered C$500 beforehand to not protest violently — and free fish and chips been served every day to all Toronto residents most-connected with the Toronto city government — the total security cost for the Gee Gosh 8 and Gee Golly 20 summitstans would have come in under C$10 million, one one-hundreth the actual cost of C$1 billion. Minus the concrete partitions, iron curtains, and disrupted downtown business. And that would have been the start of everyone living happily ever after. Huh? What? Close your mouth so the flies don’t get in. That’s the approach being championed in Afghanistan — bribe ‘low-level’ Taliban into accepting a foreign presence on their soil, and accept a national government backed by the foreign presence. And throw some fish and chips at all Afghans in tight with Karzai.

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