Germany Finish off Argentina in No Holds Barred Match

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Germany beats Argentina

It only took 3 minutes for Germany to score the first goal of the match with a header from Thomas Muller, sending the Argentinean players into an ever spiralling downward spin. Three goals later and what was described as a masterful performance and it was all over, 4-0 to Germany, the well deserved victors leaving the field and now heading towards prestigious semi-finals.

Albiceleste under Maradona’s guidance had high hopes before the match in both their ball and team skills and the ability to successfully avenge their own quarter-final defeat in the last cup held in 2006. But it was not to be so and the Argentineans only managed to repeat their last World Cup exit, by not making it to the semi-finals once again.

The German side were just too powerful and skilled for Argentina to manage any type of concentrated fight back. The first goal scored by Germany in the third minute was a double celebration as it also was their 200th goal scored in a Fifa World Cup ever, and also one of their fastest in the past 32 years.

Miroslav Klose scored next from the edge of the box firing a tremendous shot from a Muller set-up. This was followed by Argentinean attempts at goals with some fiery long range shots, with one flying by the left post by mere inches. Manuel Neuer the German goalkeeper was right on his game and easily fought of the barrage of shots.

But the Germans remained a constant threat through the entire game closing down Argentinean play and skilfully manoeuvring the ball back up towards the attacking end of the field. The second half saw the Germans score from another two close-range shots and firmly cementing their overall semi-final position.

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