Get Rid of Tattoos Launches Natural Tattoo Removal Website

( December 01, 2011

Get Rid of Tattoos Launches Natural Tattoo Removal Website

Get Rid of Tattoos Launches Natural Tattoo Removal Website

Mark Davies launches his brand new natural tattoo removal website today.

The website called ‘Get Rid of Tattoos‘ is sure to stir up at least a little controversy and a lot of questions.

Perhaps the most obvious question is “Is natural tattoo removal even possible?”

We asked author and website owner Mark Davies about why he built the website and more importantly how his natural tattoo removal method worked.

Mark told us about his own tattoo experiences both good & bad, the bad being the reason for him wanting to get rid of a tattoo, when I say bad, what I really mean is ex-girlfriend’s name bad.

Mark explains how he messed around with different natural ingredients trying to make his own tattoo removal cream or to put it in his words trying to emulate the tattoo removal process offered by branded tattoo fading cream.

Mark says that he used a mixture of easy and cheap to come by ingredients to make his own tattoo removal paste, he explains that the process is called microdermabrasion and is based around the use of natural alpha-hydroxy acids or (AHA).

Apparently by applying the mixture which contains alpha-hydroxy acid it’s possible to temporarily break down the structural molecules (Glycoproteins) which hold skin cells together & thus allowing the body’s immune system to dispose of the ink pigments.

Of course it’s almost impossible to verify Marks ideas about natural tattoo removal but the theory does sound intriguing if nothing else.

Fortunately for me I don’t have any tattoos so I won’t be needing Marks get rid of tattoos recipe, but if I did, then maybe I’d take him up on his advice especially when you start looking at the rather large costs associated with laser tattoo removal.

For a better understanding of how this natural tattoo removal method might help some people remove tattoos we suggest you visit Marks website: 


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