Google Glass Uses for Small Business Owners

( October 11, 2013

Google Glass Uses for Small Business Owners

Google Glass Uses for Small Business Owners

A survey taken by Bite Interactive in May revealed that just 10 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. would consider buying and regularly using Google Glass if they could afford it.

Many people stated it would be too socially awkward, while others stated they just didn’t find its features appealing.

The National Journal points out in the first quarter of the iPhone’s existence, it made just 270,000 sales and took two more years to break the 31 million mark.

He believes the 10 percent figure is actually quite acceptable, if not excellent. Of course, Google Glass may take some time to become popular. Many people just aren’t aware of the capabilities of this new-fangled tech gadget.

Google Glass has not yet been officially released. Some 10,000 consumers have tried out an early version as part of a contest, with the final consumer release expected in early 2014 with a price tag of about $1,500, Econocom reports.

Could this be the next device you add to your small business’ bring-your-own-device policy?

Benefits for business owners

Bruce Cohen, licensed master plumber and owner of BC Plumbing Co. who attended the IdeaFestival in Louisville, Ky. recently, was excited about how this device might help make his company more effective, Business First reports.

Cohen will be able to observe in the field of seeing. When one of his employees is having difficulties, he can see exactly what’s going on remotely, without having to take a trip out himself.

Jason Smylie, CIO of Capriotti’s, a chain of 95 sandwich shops across the nation, is using Google Glass for employee training.

He has made videos on how to make sandwiches, how to work with customers, and how to use different types of technology in the restaurant. The “lunch rush” is filmed in order to determine how customer service can be improved, Inc. reports.

Real-time sharing can also be used to encourage consumers to purchase products or utilize a service.

Potential issues for business owners

There is some concern for industries and businesses where confidentiality or privacy is essential, such as healthcare, government and financial industries.

Because everything someone sees can be recorded without other people knowing, it can make people uncomfortable. In many states, it’s illegal to film someone without consent.

Business owners will need to define what Google Glass means for them, as well as for their employees and their customers.

Why not just use a smartphone?

The iPad and many smartphones, such as my new favorite Galaxy from Samsung, take outstanding pictures and videos. Why shell out more money for a product such as Google Glass?

Think for a minute about the number of times you’ve had to struggle trying to record or capture a photograph that requires the use of your hands.

With Google Glass, all you have to do is say, “Ok Glass, take a picture,” instead of having to try and steadily hold the phone and get to the photo button.

The ease of use allows even more photos and videos to be taken than with a smartphone, which also increases the desire to share captured multimedia.

You can record, or photograph, the world as it’s seen, including your business environment, as well as the services or products you’re selling. It isn’t a replacement of a smartphone, but an extension of it.



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