Google Set to Conquer the Future of Air Travel

Google buy ITA

Googles groundbreaking purchase of ITA software

Google has never been a company that can be held back for too long by world events or even blindsided by political and economic fundamentals. The search engine goliath is now quickly taking on the airline industry in a move that has been described as both bold and uncompromising and has shocked industry insiders to the very core.

When you own one of the largest online portals in the world, it can be easy to fall in to an ambient position of complacency and a general feeling of being “untouchable.”

Google has found itself in this rather enviable position for quite some time now. But rather than fall back on its past glories and triumphs, this Internet titan just keeps on moving forward from strength to strength.

With Facebook reportedly hard on it’s heals, the Chinese suppressing its online portal in the Far East and the Google Maps controversy in the not too distant past. Google has once again proved that it is a company that looks to the future rather than spend too much time worrying about the present, let alone the past.

Now there is the newly reported $700 million purchase of ITA Software, a leading maker of air travel and flight information software based in Cambridge/Massachusetts. The company’s clients include some of the world’s major airlines and what are considered many of the biggest names in online travel agencies.

Some of the major air travel and flight information institutions who utilize this software include: Microsoft Bing, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Alitalia, ANA, Alaska Airlines, America Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Cheap Tickets, Cleartrip, Continental Airlines, Defense Travel Systems,, and many more.

As can be expected Google has its own exclusive plans of how to utilize and incorporate this particular piece of travel software in to its already proven successful infrastructure. They plan to improve and streamline the ways in which people can find flight information online using Google search services.

Google has said in a statement that it will “honor all existing agreements” that ITA has in place and plans to add new partners.

Just another feather in what is already a very large hat.

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