Greensboro Crematory Offers Environment-Friendly Crematory Services Over Traditional Burial

Local Greensboro cremation services are available at affordable rates and in an earthfriendly manner. Services available as per family’s wishes.

Greensboro, NC – ( May 12, 2012

Greensboro Crematory Offers Environment-Friendly Crematory Services Over Traditional Burial

Greensboro Crematory Offers Environment-Friendly Crematory Services Over Traditional Burial

Triad Cremation Society, Inc. introduces Greensboro crematory services for the people who have lost their loved ones.

The difference of this service with the other local service providers is the inclusion of earth friendly concept.

They provide environment friendly cremation as an alternative to the burial that is followed traditionally.


“This is the best way to serve a cause even when a person is not anymore among us.

The soul of these people will definitely rest in peace as their cremation process is helping the environment even when they are not alive anymore,” says the head of Triad Cremation Society.

According to a report, many families in Greensboro and other parts of the nation are opting for cremation over burial because of the environmental advantages.

Even the usage of the sealed caskets and the burial vaults are expensive in comparison to the crematory services.

Triad Cremation Society is offering both affordable and environment friendly solutions with their Greensboro crematory services.

“Even cremation is not entirely free of environmental issues and even our teeth filings can increase the mercury rate in the environment”, says a spokesperson of Triad Cremation Society.

He adds, “That is why we use double burners in place of the old burners so that different pollutants can be burned off.”

They use proper containers for the cremation process without any plastics or chipboard for reducing pollution.

Popularity of affordable cremation is rising over the traditional burial, which is evident from the steady rise of green burials in different parts of the nation.

The company makes sure that they do not use any chemical or embalming that is harmful for the environment.

Woods and ashes are used to create caskets that are scattered for recreating environment for nurturing new life.

The professionals of Triad Cremation Society are caring and helpful to assist people to guide through these aspects and wide range of paperwork all through the stressful period.

The services of Greensboro cremation are made available through a top-notch crematorium where the professional staffs of the company provide every required service.

Families contact the company officials to ensure that proper arrangement is made for their loved ones, while the officials ensure proper execution of services along with the maintenance of the earth-friendly aspects.

Families can also make their own arrangement by choosing any cost effective package of Triad Cremation Society.

“We treat the families with respect and dignity and assure our help with affordable cremation service,” says a spokesperson.

Triad Cremation Society is experiencing steady growth in business because of their family-friendly Greensboro cremation services.

Clarence Boston, president and CEO of the society says, “In the first month, we had fourteen cremations, which increased to more than double in the second month.

By the third month, we were exceeding our expectations.”

The market experts predict that the demand of cremation services is going to rise in the future because of the environmental aspects and the affordability factor.

Triad Cremation Society’s motto to save money, environment and land with the cremation services seems justified.

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