Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is the End Finally Here?

Maracondo Oil Well

Oil Spill Dispersant usage under question

The damaged Macondo oil well is starting to become more prominent in the news headlines once again as preparations are now under way to permanently seal and finally fix the cracked well head for good.

The clean-up from the most recent tropical storm that passed through the area and the debris it deposited close to the well is almost complete. The first part in what is now a two stage plan will commence as soon as possible, with the injection of cement and mud from above to form a more secure seal.

Stage two and what has always been described as the ultimate and final remedy to the problem, is the relief well that the BP engineers and workers have been frantically working on and is reportedly still going to schedule.

The temporary cap which was installed two weeks ago has so far been successful in controlling the flow of oil. It is operating under extreme pressures and at great ocean depths in the already damaged Gulf environment.

More recently BP has come under fire about the amount of dispersants used on the affected area and surrounding environs. These chemicals which are utilized to disperse the floating oil and come under federal directives are meant to be used under the most stringent of conditions.

The Coast Guard which was overseeing the ongoing operations reportedly allowed BP to use these chemicals extensively and in larger quantities than Federal Directives allowed.

The Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will now travel to New Orleans on Monday. Napolitano has been officially delegated to review the oil spill response procedures and in particular adherence to legal directives with federal, state and local officials.

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