Gulf Oil Spill Robots to Clumsy for Job

The remote operated vehicles (underwater robots) being used by BP are growing so fast in numbers that they are in danger of colliding with each other and the well cap itself. There are approximately 15 of these metallic submersibles weighing up to 4 tons each, that are being remotely controlled by Hi-tech surface ships.

These robots are constantly being guided and manoeuvred through cameras from above as they frantically work around and near the mile-deep Macondo well site.

Effectively guiding and utilizing these underwater machines can be a logistical nightmare at times, with accidents a likely event. This is what occurred during the week when one of the 4 ton robots accidentally bumped into the cap that was suppressing the oil leak.

The damage was serious enough that the cap had to be removed and to the dismay of everyone involved in the hectic operations the full flow of the raging crude torrents were allowed to freely flow into the already damaged ocean.

In a statement BP said that the cap was reinstalled above a leaking valve called a blow-out preventer. Collections of oil and gas began about a half hour later.

This was the last thing the already embattled BP Corporation needed. It is the second recent shutdown in clean-up operations, with work halted for 10 hours last week due to a malfunction of the hi-tech equipment.

Now with ever mounting concerns that the first tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season is building up and getting closer to the affected site, the possibilities that even more unwanted interruptions and shutdowns occurring grows ever more serious with every passing day.

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