Halo Custom Guitars Offers Build-to-Order Musical Instruments

( April 05, 2011

Halo Custom Guitars Offers Build-to-Order Musical Instruments

Halo Custom Guitars Offers Build-to-Order Musical Instruments

Halo Custom Guitars pushes mass customization into the guitar world by offering build-to-order musical instruments through the Halo Custom Shop. Now, in addition to offering a full line of electric guitar and bass products, the Halo Custom Shop will offer customization in three key dimensions: size, style, and functionality.

Halo Custom Guitars’ build-to-order production methods are aligned with growing trends of personalization and customization in consumer products. “The reality is that every guitar player demands a different set of specific needs from their guitar,” stated Bruce Lee, Sales Director with Halo Custom Guitars. “No single guitar can satisfy the enormous diversity of guitar players in the world. Instead of trying to push a ready-made guitar onto customers, we invite them to be a part of the design process so they get exactly what they need.” The Halo Custom Shop emphasizes three key dimensions of customization – size, style, and functionality.

Like many consumer products, the electric guitar is not a “one-size-fits-all” product. Individuals have different body sizes, tastes, and preferences. These differences create problems for individuals seeking the best guitar for their needs. “By offering customizable sizes and styles of guitars, guitar players are no longer forced to adapt to their instrument. Instead, the instrument is designed to fit their body and its movements, which not only maximizes performance but also reduces potential injury or muscle strain,” stated Alvin Gatewood, Quality Control Manager for Halo Custom Guitars. “Customers have the choice of woods, materials, features and functionality. As a result, the Halo Custom Shop is busy fulfilling a broad range of orders from relatively simple designs to cutting-edge, computer-interfacing guitars and basses.”

“It’s exciting to be part of Halo Custom Guitars as they are really taking custom guitar building to another level,” stated Jeff Lee, Halo’s General Manager. “The concept of custom made guitars is not new. The difference is in how the Halo Custom Shop streamlines the process. The Halo Custom Shop combines factory-like, mass production techniques with the flexibility of customization to offer highly customized guitars both quickly and affordably. This is in stark contrast to commissioning a luthier (an individual who builds guitars) to produce a similar instrument. Luthiers face many constraints, which often results in custom guitars being too expensive and time consuming for average consumers. The Halo Custom Shop is here to change that”.

Musicians interested in learning more about Halo Custom Guitars and its custom made guitars can visit or speak with a Halo Representative at 1-408-873-8606.

About Halo Custom Guitars

Halo Custom Guitars, a front-runner in build-to-order guitar manufacturing, provides fully customizable guitars and basses to consumers worldwide. Halo Custom Guitars offers more custom options, faster delivery, and more affordable pricing than most guitar companies in the U.S. Founded in 2005, Halo Custom Guitars has quickly become the musician’s trusted source for professional instruments at affordable factory-direct pricing.

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