Hi-Tech Treatments for U.S. Pets Come at a Price

vets and pets

Pets and Veterinarian Care

The advancement of medicine, especially in the field of Hi-Tech procedures is currently more sophisticated and widely practised than it has ever been at any point in history. Thanks to the continuing growth and discoveries in gene therapy and nanotechnology, patients are now receiving care in ways that were only dreamed about a decade ago.

The pets of America are also feeling the effects of these medicinal and procedural advancements. Veterinarians are now carrying out some remarkable medical procedures on much loved pets suffering from the deadliest of diseases. Prolonging a pet’s life that is suffering from terminal cancer is now an everyday occurrence for those who can afford it.

For those pet owners who have the money to cover the costs that can easily run into the thousands, the alternative is way too heart rendering. Their beloved pets are more like family members and to be able to squeeze out another 6 to 8 months of companionship without the associated suffering from the disease is well worth the financial consequences to many.

Veterinarians can now just as easily introduce a catheter into a dog’s artery with a wire to perform chemotherapy on a cancerous organ as they would for a human. Not to long ago, this concept of buying the animal patient more time would not have even been conceived, either because of affordability or technological limits.

With over 77 million dogs and 90 million cats alive in the U.S. today, the market for vets to practise and utilize these new advancements through state of the art pet clinics is glaringly obvious. These figures do not even take into account all the many other assorted types of pets that will require some kind of veterinary care over a lifetime.

Pets have played an important role in the past within different societies and cultures and even more importantly now in today’s modern society, where they are seen as more a friend and companion than an animal to be fed and walked or preened.

Pets have often been described as helping to improve the quality of human life for many and so it is only fitting that these new advancements in medicine will not only help human beings live longer, but also our much loved pets.

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