How the Jump Manual Works to Help With Vertical Leaps

( July 25, 2013

How the Jump Manual Works to Help With Vertical Leaps

How the Jump Manual Works to Help With Vertical Leaps

Jacob Hiller has popularized a high quality vertical leap training program that continues to cause huge buzz in athletic circles, says organizers of the site

The site further promotes the popular manual that summarizes the plyometric techniques summarized by Hiller’s system, including offering to sell copies of the book along with free extras (such as possibly one on one coaching, and access to the forum devoted to the system.

The website intends to get the word out that the Jump Manual is highly reliable and well trusted, the large number of testimonials the guide has already received are a positive indicator to its effectiveness.

Internet fitness writer Michael Levi has summarized the system as follows: “The Jump Manual is best described as an all in one vertical jump training program that will give you everything you need to vertical leap and quickness.”

This training program consists of the guide accompanied by videos and bill overall more than 15 seconds in the guide.

Some of the topics that you find inside the Jump Manual include: the laws of vertical jump improvement, the nine essential variables of an explosive vertical, explanation of the next explosion workout and many more.”

Many reviewers and satisfied customers viewed the manual at the best presentation of plyometric concepts made available for a mass audience.

Others have qualified their appreciation by stating that Jacob Hiller has simply taken credit for basic concepts that are part of any good vertical leap training system.

“If you get strong, flexible, explosive, and reactive, you will jump higher,” says one observer.

They view the main utility of the Jump Manual as that it puts the correct information out to the public from a knowledgeable source and corrects the information trainees may otherwise get.

The videos in the course and the information on the site also helps direct trainees as to proper form and execution of the training routines.

The popularization of sound training principles at is expected to dominate effective vertical leap training for some time to come, say many individuals and trainers in athletic fields where good vertical leap strength is important.

Experts from plyometric specialists to NBA and Olympics trainers have praised the program and the tested and proven methods contained within it will likely continue to have a positive impact on the field for some time to come.

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