How to be a Hero & Help Fight the War on Poverty, Oppression & Slavery

( July 06, 2012

How to be a Hero & Help Fight the War on Poverty, Oppression & Slavery

How to be a Hero & Help Fight the War on Poverty, Oppression & Slavery

One Touch, a division of God’s Chosen Ones Ministry (GCOM) is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization located in Missouri.

One Touch’s primary goal is to ease the plight of the suffering country of Haiti through: access to free medical care, educational initiatives, feeding programs, orphanage outreach, mission trips, and Haitian earthquake relief.

They offer a variety of sponsorship options, and mission’s opportunities throughout the year.

They truly try to find a way for everyone to be a hero to those suffering in poverty.

It is the mission of this organization to equip Haitians with the tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

One Touch assists individuals within the Haitian community by providing medical care, assistance to struggling orphanages, establishing clinics, schools, and feeding programs in impoverished areas; as well as meeting other needs as they arise.

Many Haitians cannot afford access to: Shelter, Food, Education, & Healthcare.

One Touch believes that every individual needs and deserves the basic human rights of being loved, fed and sheltered.

Being motivated by compassion for those who are unable to change their circumstances.

Without assistance the team at One Touch has dedicated themselves to serving others in desperate need, they set no limits and endeavor to meet diverse needs, by seeing problems as opportunities.

One Touch truly believes in hope and the power of the human spirit they work to promote dignity and integrity amongst those they serve.

One Touch requires the involvement of heroes like you to reach those who so desperately need their assistance.


One Touch is currently holding an online fundraiser through IndieGoGo to raise $5000; these funds will be used to:

– Complete 501c3 paperwork thus ensuring all donations are tax deductible and allowing the organization to pursue grants, corporate partnerships, and other funding.

-Begin the process of purchasing land to build a compound in Haiti that will include a field office, an orphanage, school, trade school, and housing for missionaries, medical clinics, feeding program headquarters, clean drinking water, and much more!


Help fight the war on poverty, oppression, and slavery.

Please stand with One Touch, give as little as $5 to help support relief efforts in Haiti.

The organizations motto is “One Touch Can Change a Life;” will that touch be yours?   For more information on how to be a hero you can find One Touch online at:


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