How To “Desk Exercise” On the Boss’s Time & Dime

St Andrews, CA – ( February 23, 2012

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How To “Desk Exercise” On the Boss's Time & Dime

Working in an office, sitting at a desk all day is proving to be as unhealthy as smoking.

New research is proving that sitting for long stretches of time may be just as dangerous as smoking in regards to being a major cardiovascular risk factor.

Stated Dr. David Coven, a cardiologist with St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, in New York and as reported by CBS affiliate channel; 5, San Francisco.

The newest innovation is desk exercise by exercising with office friendly workouts and equipment.

“Merging daily physical activity during the work day has great benefits.” According to Cynthia Carpenter who founded Fit Television Online.

While the desk workouts do burn calories the biggest benefit is to the overall cardio system.

Also it improves the digestion of those not always healthy and fast lunches.

“The easy workouts will make you feel more awake and capable of the cognitive demands, required by workers to remain alert during the workday.

You might say we encourage workers to exercise on the boss’s time and dime!” Cynthia Carpenter said.

Many of the workouts can be aided with equipment that can be used under the desk to adjust physical energy throughout the work day.

Something simple like a stability ball can be used several times a day to build alertness.

If you are more into the, “power”, workouts you can consider a Treadmill Desk.

This is a desk that allows you stand and work while walking on the treadmill itself.

These are just a couple of the suggestions and equipment options offered at the website

“The website has articles and simple exercises anyone can master and do, while carrying on the normal business of the day.”

“Many employers are encouraging their employees to do the workouts, as it has benefits to help them save sick time and lowering insurance premiums.” Cynthia Carpenter stated.

You can get more information on available exercises, useful equipment and a free seven day diet program by visiting Fit TeleVision Online.

Getting into shape can be fun and easy when you do “Desk Exercises” on the bosses dime.


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