How To Write a Good Press Release That Gets Results & Captivates

Press releases that captivate your target audience and get results.

( July 05, 2011

How To Write a Good Press Release That Gets Results & Captivates

How To Write a Good Press Release That Gets Results & Captivates

If you are looking for a very effective way to communicate with your target audience on or offline, using press releases is the ideal way to go.

However, not everyone appreciates or knows how to write a good press release that will get published and captivate its target audience.

Using a press release that has grammatical errors and is badly formatted will harm your business more than help it; therefore, it is crucial that you get your press releases right before you send it off.

Below you will find some useful tips that will help you create really good press releases that will help get your more customers in the end.

When creating your press release, a date for release should be clearly stated on it.

If you need to have it released immediately, you should put immediate release at the top right hand corner and state whether, you want it released on, before, or after the date.

Next to the date, your contact information is very crucial when formatting a press release correctly.  Put numbers and email addresses that you are easily accessible on.

The company’s address and fax number should be on the press release in the contact information area as well.

Ensure that the contact information is correct because if not, your press release will be rejected if the editors try to contact and do not get you.


  • The headline in your press releases is also another important feature of your press release.

It should be interesting enough to capture, first the editor’s attention and then the attention of your target audience.

If your headline does not capture the attention of your readers, then you will lose them there and they will never know what you had to say, no matter how interesting it is.

Your headline as well as your summary should be able to tell your readers what the rest of the press release is about.  There should also be a sub-heading in all your releases.


  • The body of the press release follows below the summary and your body must be no less than 250 words because a press release shorter than that will say to publishers that you really do not have anything to say.
  • Your sentences and paragraphs should be short and while your headline and summary is first, they should be written last in order for you to get everything that the press release is about.
  • There should also be a boiler plate that is basically information on your business that will tell your audience who you are.

Following these few guidelines will get you on your way to writing the perfect press release.

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