How to Write a Press Release for Business Marketing

( December 28, 2011

How to Write a Press Release for Business Marketing

How to Write a Press Release for Business Marketing

Writing a press release can be an intensely daunting task for the majority of people contemplating this form of fast and effective marketing.

A well written press release will shoot out and spread the word faster than any other form of modern advertising, thanks to the far reaching and instant effect of the Internet.

Face it. People still love to read!

How to write a press release? Is constantly one of the most important questions asked by many people in today’s modern and fast evolving technological society.

The humble press release which has been around since the advent of the printing press has really been brought to prominence with the dawn of the Internet.

Instant advertising exposure!

Or in today’s modern terms: Instant Google Exposure.

Not only does it enhance a business concept, promotion or event with instant worldwide and local advertising, but it grows virally and spreads the word even further as it matures over time.

Position 1 on page 1 of Google is certainly great, but it is only the beginning!

The word spreads from there in a never ending advertizing ripple that gets picked up by others interested in the same subject or topic, more commonly known as media syndication.

But the question does come down to “How to write a press release?

How to write a press release that will not only captivate its target audience, but further achieve the required response that it was meant to accomplish in the first place.

But it is easy to learn how to write a press release.

Just follow the proven and time tested steps!


The Title

First off and most importantly is the heading or title of the press release.

The title of a successful press release must be short, catchy and include the most important keywords.

It should capture the reader’s attention while motivating them to seek further information on the specific subject, through their own needs and wants.

The title or header of the PR should for SEO purposes begin with the most important keywords.

Short, catchy and to the point, around 4 -6 words in length is ideal for a press release title.


The Body

The main body of the press release will carry on where the title left off.

It should go into further detail outlining the points of interest on the chosen subject and covering important aspects of what the writer is trying to portray.

Try and keep it exciting while at the same time easy to read. This is important!

No need to use big words that people would need a dictionary to decipher.

The most important keywords already used in the title should also be sprinkled throughout the body of the press release along with other associated keywords on the subject that you want the search engines to pick up on.

The body will also contain the anchor text links pointing back to the targeted website URL that needs the publicity.

Preferably the text in the anchor text links will also contain the most important keywords along with other less important but associated long tail keywords.

The anchor text links in a press release serve a dual purpose of directing people interested in the subject straight to the targeted website, while at the same time creating back-links that the search engine spiders come across and also follow onto the intended website.

As a well written press release on a popular subject matures with time through syndication (other websites picking up and re-publishing) the embedded back-links spread like a network of live links pointing straight back to the original targeted website.

This in turn shows the search engines like Google that this website is an authority on the subject, as it is mentioned so many times throughout the Internet and so should be taken more seriously.

This leads to a natural rise in page rank for the targeted website, which sees it rise in search engine ranking and thus receives more organic traffic.

The more press releases published on a website the better.

In summary:

  1. Use significant keywords in the beginning of the title.
  2. The title should be catchy and capture attention, around 4 – 6 words in length.
  3. Important keywords used in the title sprinkled throughout the body of the article.
  4. Less important keywords on the subject used through the body as well.
  5. KISS – Keep it simple, skim over the most important points to peak a reader’s interest.
  6. Use your website URL in anchor text links with important keywords and lesser ones.
  7. 3 to 5 links are normally permitted. Don’t get to spammy (get to greedy)
  8. 350 – 400 words in total for the body of the press release.
  9. Sentences and paragraphs should be short and to the point.


When ready to submit a press release to Google and the Internet for worldwide syndication you can use a popular PR site like

This press release site offers instant Google exposure and quickly spreads the word through the social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon etc.

The submitted press releases published by are normally indexed in Google within 60 seconds and rank in position one for the title.

So when it comes time to ask “how to write a press release” Simply follow these guidelines and submit your press release for free to


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