Instant Customer Revolution or How to Easily Get Quality Traffic to Your Site

( May 23, 2012

Instant Customer Revolution or How to Easily Get Quality Traffic to Your Site

Instant Customer Revolution or How to Easily Get Quality Traffic to Your Site

Instant Customer Revolution is the newest and probably the best marketing opportunity for any business nowadays.

The fact is that everybody wants more money, more time and more freedom in their business, but not everybody can afford it.


They usually want to increase their visibility in results pages and to target their audience on their own, without any help from the outside.

The Perfect Help for any Business.

Instant Customer Revolution is the perfect tool, whether you already own a business, want to start a new one or simply want to earn some extra money.

This unique marketing tool was developed by Mike Koenigs in order to help modern businesses get quality traffic to their website.

According to a recent survey, there are more than 150 million businesses worldwide that really need help with their marketing.

They realised how useless it is to promote their businesses using traditional advertising marketing techniques.

This is where you show up.

Instant Customer Revolution gives you the opportunity to become a highly paid online marketing consultant, even if you have no marketing or technical skills.

This business opportunity is a real money making opportunity for local marketers all over the world.

Their team successfully adapted to modern marketing trends, from social marketing to SEO and mobile marketing.

They created Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer and other training systems, such as social media marketing machines and Cross Channel Mojo.

Their systems are complete and ready to use, enhancing the user experience and allowing you to become an experienced Internet marketer who earns more and also gives more by helping other businesses succeed.


Real Life Examples

Instant Customer Revolution helped thousands of real life people to become experienced marketers who own a six-figure business.

Diego Rodriguez became a member of this company after losing his job, and then he made $5000 after just four days from one client, spending only $150.

The only thing he used was the tools provided by this program.

Amazingly, after only one year, Diego made more than $60,000 from that specific client.

Using the same tools, Kristen Moore increased her sales for the gymnastics school from $300 to over $90,000.

Sandra Harris generated a list of more than 400 people by simply using the text messaging tool.


How to Market Your Own Business

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so if you want to be successful, you need more prospects and more sales.

Instant Customer Revolution provides unique tools that enables you to use modern technology in your favor.


Let’s have a look at some facts in order to understand the importance of modern marketing tools:

– 78% of all customers use 2 or more channels before buying a product or a service.

– Only 30% use more than three channels.

– The majority of small businesses use only email.

– 96% of all text messages are opened.

– 88% of voicemail messages get listened.

– 69% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that has a social networking site.


The bottom line is that the tools and the system put together by the marketing specialists from Instant Customer Revolution are specially designed to get clients to come to you and ask for your help.

You’ll never need to search for customers again.



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