Insurance Coverage for Lap Band Surgery Can be a Tricky Proposition

( January 06, 2013

Insurance Coverage for Lap Band Surgery Can be a Tricky Proposition

Insurance Coverage for Lap Band Surgery Can be a Tricky Proposition

Getting insurance companies to cover the partial or full costs of Lap Band Surgery can be a extremely hard for many people.

Even after going through the whole program and meeting all the requirements many people are still knocked back for insurance coverage without being given a reason why.

Some people have reported friends and acquaintances not having a problem in getting insurance coverage for the much needed weight loss surgery, while they themselves were rejected by the same insurance company covering the same local area.

It has left some people wondering if insurance companies only cover a certain amount of people for gastric/Lap Band surgery from a given district or a work place.

Insurance coverage for lap band operations is a tricky proposition at times, with many demands that the patient must fulfill prior to Insurance approval for the surgical procedure.

Doctors advise their patients who are seriously overweight to try and approach their insurance company again and re-state their case as they are most at risk for a whole host of medical problems, all of which can shorten their lifespan.

The cost of Lap Band surgery directly depends on the factor of whether or not your insurance company will cover the procedure for weight loss surgery, and to what extent will they cover.

It is best to discuss it with your physician’s office and have them verify your benefits, as the experienced Lap Band physicians’ office personnel can often help with uncovering other insurance requirements that the insurance representative may not cover in full.

Numerous patients who experience excessive insurance demands for weight loss surgery, such as a hold up of many months or even a year or longer, determine that they would like to make the investment in their own health and pay for bariatric surgery instead of suffering from the health effects of obesity.

There are books out there that can help patients overcome this insurance coverage nightmare when it comes to Lap Band surgery.

One book that is getting excellent reviews and that is published by US Medical Professionals in the field is titled Lap Band Insurance Secrets and covers unique techniques and a step-by step system  discovered in over 7 years of running a Lap Band practice.

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