Is Gold Rush 2013 For Real? Does it Really Teach You How to Find Gold for the 2003 Price?

( June 10, 2013

Is Gold Rush 2013 For Real? Does it Really Teach You How to Find Gold for the 2003 Price?

Is Gold Rush 2013 For Real? Does it Really Teach You How to Find Gold for the 2003 Price?

Gold Rush 2013 has been launched to the general public and this exclusive training course will show investors and regular people how to profit from the buying and selling of gold.

The course was “developed by successful real estate marketer Preston Ely, and full-time gold and silver trader Matt Wallace, who is something of an expert in his field.”

See why Matt is an expert here

In 2005 the price of gold in the US soared by just over 20%, the following year it went up by another 23% and in 2007 jumped 30% in that single year.

Recent rises may have not been so great but the price of gold is still rising and on average in the US the price of gold values an extra 13% annually.

Now compare this to the kind of rises you may get if your savings were locked away in the bank.

The current interest rates across North America and Europe are currently so low those same savings accounts are returning less than 0.5% each year!

If you had invested your savings into gold you would have profiteered from annual returns of nearly 14%.

Even in Europe the average yearly rise in gold prices has been similar to that of North America at 13.7%.

Preston Ely and Matt Wallace have together created a simple, complete and thoroughly in-depth method showing you how to find gold and profit from gold by buying and selling.

The training course involves Matt performing and teaching the lesson modules in which he will explain the entire process from the start.

See the video for yourself

There are six lessons in the course with the first lesson explaining why gold is so important right now.

In the second lesson you will learn about determining the value of gold and how to test and weigh to establish its true value.

The third lesson gives away some real marketing secrets that will give you an edge when investing with gold.

The Gold Rush 2013 course also outlines the methods of flipping and getting paid.

As with any investment, especially with the commodity of gold, there can be mistakes and pitfalls that you may encounter along the way.

So is the Gold Rush 2013 course for real? How can a person learn how to buy gold for the price of gold in 2003 in 2013?

That is why Gold Rush 2013 will tackle an entire module on the mistakes that investors regularly make and how to avoid the pitfalls of this type of investment.

The final lesson in Gold Rush 2013 deals with where one should go to reach the next level, once your profits have begun to roll in.

Check out the training course video here


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