Is The New Facebook Hack of 100 Million Users Really a Big Deal?

Hackers and Facebook

Facebook Hacked - 100 Million users

Whenever any of the major online sites get hacked it makes news headlines. But when the site hacked is Facebook, one of the biggest social media sites in the world with over 500 million users, people really do stop and take notice.

Many users who take part in the webs social media sites fail to see the severity of providing personal information online over a period of time, until someone steals it.

Then they stop and start to think about all the conversations they have had and with whom and exactly what small bits of personal information they have been slowly divulging.

With identity theft on an ever increasing high, safeguarding our personal details as consumers and individuals is becoming increasingly hard. How worried should the 100 million Facebook users whose information was posted in a torrent file (downloadable zipped files) on the Internet be?

That is still in debate and being played out among the world’s press and the industry professionals they choose to quote. Some are calling it the “hack attack” of the century that could see many innocent online users suffer in the long run.

While others are stating that it is no more serious than the information that is already freely available on any social media site for anyone to see, including Facebook.

The facts do point to the latter.

The alleged hacker Ron Bowles, is a reported white hat coder, who is associated with an online security company. White hat is basically described as utilizing the Internets many facets and applications in an above board fashion through the use of programming and other unobjectionable clean methods.

All Mr Bowles did was code a small program that is more commonly known as a scraper among the online programming community. This program then will go out and collect data from whatever web site it is pointed at on auto, according to the preset conditions and variables it is programmed to look for.

What has caused this world wide uproar is that he just happened to point it towards the biggest social media site of them all, namely Facebook.

This small scraper program simply collected personal information that was already freely available, such as user IDs, names, URLs and whatever else was useable in the form of data from those online profiles.

Bowles then went on to pass it to anyone interested through the peer to peer sites (P2P or Person to Person) as a torrent file which was a reported 2.8GB in size. These P2P sharing sites while serving a quite valuable service to the everyday community are also used to swap over 80% of the world’s pirated software and movies.

This latest turn of events does give more credence to the escalating debate that way too much private information is now being freely distributed online. People in this Hi-Tech society are becoming rather blasé as to the way they pass on information about themselves and to whom as whole, until identity theft suddenly occurs.

Should the general public be worried over these most recent developments?

Yes, definitely, it is a sign of possibly more privacy invasions yet to come. The discourse will continue on this subject and the ensuing actions that are sure to come in the same vein.

Could this also be one of the greatest publicity stunts by an individual of the decade? It might just be so, what better way to get attention for an online security company.

As of this time the so called security companies URL is giving the following message “unable to connect.” This is usually a good sign of a website that has been inundated with hits by the curious, leading to a shared server shutdown for overuse of resources.

No doubt the management for said website would be hoping that there were some future clients among the visitors.

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4 Comments for “Is The New Facebook Hack of 100 Million Users Really a Big Deal?”

  1. JJ

    This is exactly the problem with social networks today; they leave their users vulnerable by collecting way too much data. I found a new social network called that is supposedly safe guarding (based on their blog their members by not asking for a lot of identifying information. In this day and age I think this may be the safest way for online interactions to take place.

  2. Trevor

    It’s a pretty big deal for me. Because of this hacker, I’m suddenly missing 62 friends that I had just two days ago…

  3. marshall

    i lost my whole account to this freaker

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